Palm reading marriage lines. Are your hands telling you about marriage?

Palmistry Marriage Lines Indications

The use of the palmistry marriage line, like the major palmistry lines, is based on its association with matters dealing with relationship and love life. This line depicts the following aspects:

  • Relationships’ durability and chances to last
  • Phase in life in which the subject is most likely to engage in a meaningful relationship
  • Likelihood of dishonesty or cheating in a relationship
  • Chances of divorce or bad ending to a serious relationship
  • Number of serious relationships the subject is likely to experience

Palmistry Marriage Lines Start And End Locations

Palmistry marriage line originates from the edge of your palm between the pinky finger and the heart line and slightly penetrates the mount of mercury.

The farther into the hand the palmistry marriage lines end – the more stable, true and lasting the relationships will be. If they end pretty early, this indicate a tough road in finding a soul mate, and even loneliness throughout life. We also have another palm reading article for palm readings for females.

Palmistry Marriage Lines Form

As with all the palmistry lines, the form of the palmistry marriage lines might reveal a lot about the subject and his relationships.

If the marriage lines are thick and long then this means that you will be in a long and stable relationship. It also indicates a true and meaningful bond. Short and shallow indicate poor relationships with little love and affection.

A fork on the marriage lines, indicates a separation that will cause a termination of the relationships. If the notable line curves upwards its a good indication to finding a new bond. A island on this line, can be seen as a fork that rejoined. This shows a temporary separation that ends in going back together. Note that islands, though they show a “happy end”, truly indicate issues in the relationships. If there are too many of those, the subject will experience frustration in his bonds.

Countless branches that curve downwards from the marriage lines might be an indication of a bad health condition of the subject’s partner, which might even end the relationship.

Lines that appear to be “hovering” around the marriage lines show possible affairs or interventions to the relationship. The more there are of them, chance of breakup is higher and especially if they look firmer and sharper than the actual marriage lines themselves.

Relations To Other Palmistry Lines

Sometimes, the palmistry marriage lines might merge into other palmistry lines like the heart line or palmistry fate line. such an occurrence might indicate the effect a meaningful relationship or marriage had on other aspects of life. The characteristics of the line before and after the merge can be compared, and the result will show what changed the relationship caused (either good, bad or neutral) in those aspects of life.

It will not be a surprise to discover that the proximity to the heart line is very informative. Just like the marriage lines, the heart line also relates to love and relationships. If the marriage lines originate closer to the heart line (than the finger) it indicates a bond earlier in life. If the palmistry marriage lines slope towards the heart line on its course or even touch it, this might indicate a tragic end the the relationship (death, illness). A curve away from the heart line shows a tendency to being single.

Valuable Implications Of The Palmistry Marriage Lines

Though not being one of the major palmistry lines, the palmistry marriage lines are obviously of high interest. Palmists relate this line to the number and quality of relationships that the subject will be involved in. Palmistry marriage lines should be deeply analyzed as it serves a very pivotal role in interpreting the type of relationships that the subject will experience in life.

Most important to note is the number of lines on the palm and the way they look comparing to each other. This is the main difference of the palmistry marriage lines from other palmistry lines – you might have some of these to look at and compare to come up with the most accurate reading. For more physic readings view our Psychic Readings By Phone In Australia article.