Palm reading for children – The heart line

Palm reading for children

After we covered the head and life lines, This post will cover the third major line of the palmistry lines – the heart line. As the name suggests, readings concerning the heart line revolve around matters of the heart, both the in the physical and the emotional aspects. The heart line is significant to many palmistry lines readers as it usually centers on love, and explains why certain things happen to a person’s life. Just like the other palmistry lines are only meant to guide, not dictate a person’s actions. It can’t tell you who is your soul mate or when you will find him, but can guide you on the matters of the heart.

Many people face emotional or love life issues in their daily lives, and will seek any kind of guidance in those aspects. You, as a palmistry line analyst can help them in that by guiding them and making them understand the tendency of their emotional selves.

The heart line is treated similarly as the other palmistry lines, in the sense that its length, depth and thickness, continuity, characteristics of curvature, and other minor characteristics are used to make interpretations or readings.

Heart Line Indications

The heart line is indicative of the following major aspects in a person’s life.

  • Capacity to love and be loved
  • Emotional states
  • Physical conditions of the heart

These make the heart line one of the most-interpreted of palmistry lines. Love, emotion, and conditions of the heart are essential states that a person values. Therefore, the heart line needs accurate interpretations.

Heart Line Start and End Locations

The heart line is the highest of the all the major palmistry lines in terms of the position in the palm. It starts somewhere beneath the index finger or the middle finger, and extends outward to the edge of the palm, beneath the little finger.

Where the heart line starts can mean different interpretations of these palmistry lines. If it starts near the base of the index finger, then the person tends to have a content love life. On the other hand, if it starts closer to the middle finger, then the person will tend to have a low regard towards true love, and be playful and materialistic.

Interpretations of this type of palmistry lines also depend on how high or how low it starts. If it starts higher, it suggests a jealous nature. If it starts lower, it suggests a trustful, rational love. However, if it starts too low, then this signifies coldness.

If the heart line starts low under the mount of Saturn, then only one true love will happen in the person’s life.

There are also heart lines that boldly travel across the palm, starting beneath the base of the index finger, ending at the outer edge of the palm. This indicates people who have a great respect for authority.

Heart Line With Relation To Other Palmistry Lines

The intersections or interactions of other palmistry lines can also have significant implications on the heart line.

If the heart line is joined by the head line, then this is indicative of a person who wisely uses his or her mind in relationships, not letting one self to get carried in the romance.

There are also cases wherein minor palmistry lines would intersect the heart line to form different shapes with as many interpretations. Chains indicate many non-serious romantic relationships. Palmistry lines crossing the heart line to form a star indicates a fulfilling marriage. A circle on the heart line, however, shows dissatisfaction in a relationship. A heart line with many small lines crossing it in a series indicates a sorry, tragic end in a relationship.

If small lines radiate upward from the heart line, then the person is sure to expect happiness. Disappointment is expected in the opposite case. Lastly, branches on the heart line indicate multiple emotional characteristics in a person.

Heart Line Length

The length of a heart line can also have several meanings or interpretations.

short line indicates a person’s lack of interest in matters of the heart. A long heart line indicates a romantic person. Such a person will also have a physically strong and healthy heart. This is similar to other palmistry lines where the length emphasizes the characteristics related to the line : intellect in the head line and quality of life in the palmistry life line.

Heart Line Form

Significant readings stem from characterizing palmistry lines, and the same principle applies for the heart line.

The depth and thickness of a person’s heart line indicate stability and health in a person’s heart, as well as his or her relationships. The deeper and thicker the heart line, the more emotionally stable the person is.

duplicate heart line shows a form of protection and security coming from a loved one, symbolized by two palmistry lines seeming to be in companionship.

How the heart line curves can also mean many things. A wavy heart line indicates fickle-mindedness in a relationship, or even a lack of self-confidence. A very pronounced curvature indicates a pleasant, warm, romantic nature in a person, and aggressiveness in love. On the other hand, a heart line that tends to be straight indicates passiveness in romance, tending to take love more than give it.

A steep curve that ends between the bases of the index and middle fingers indicates a strong sexual desire in a person.

Lastly, in terms of continuity, if the line is discontinuous or there are breaks on the line, it indicates the loss of a loved one or a short, quick relationships. If the line is long, consistent, and continuous, it indicates a long, meaningful relationship.

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Ideal Order in Analysis of Palmistry Lines

In reading all major and minor palmistry lines, it is good to start by looking at the bigger picture. This same principle applies to a heart line as one of the three major palmistry lines. Identify first the starting position, follow the way it traverses across the palm, and then look at where it ends. After which, characterize the line in terms of length, depth and thickness, curviness, continuity, and other minor descriptors.

Mastering the Three Major Palmistry Lines

Mastering the reading of the heart line leads to a significant progress in the overall mastery of the art of interpreting all palmistry lines. As one of the three major palmistry lines, the heart line provides significant insights into a person’s life, through his heart, emotions, and his or her relationships.

Just like the life and head line – the other 2 major palmistry lines – people are extremely interested in other to read their lines, and you as a palmistry lines reader can provide these insights for them. Now, that is cool!

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