Telepathy or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Telepathic or Extra sensory perception has been a subject of controversy amongst scientific communities. Throughout ages we hear time and time again there were those who had the ability of second sight. Yet extra sensory perception covers many subjects such as clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, guiding dreams, dejavu and similarly psychic ability cover and make up the subject of extra sensory perception also commonly referred as Telepathic or ESP.

Most people in the world believe in these occurrences and most people also say that they have had direct experience relating to extra sensory perception “ESP”. Even Abraham Lincoln claimed to have a telepathic dream of his forthcoming death and is claimed to have seen himself in coffin exactly as he lay some days later. Also there are stories in the bible where there are kings who have had precognition and seen dreams that later were interpreted by prophets saving those the king ruled.

Extra sensory perception covers a wide subject of metaphysics. Metaphysics covers all things involving extra sensory perceptions also it is an entire philosophy believing that all things which inhabit earth actually originate from one source. Metaphysics is basically study of consciousness in its true form. Psychics believe and know that in order to receive Extra sensory perceptional messages one needs to understand the nature of things (well at least to some degree).