Everything you need to know about Clairvoyants.

A clairvoyant who is able to provide a psychic reading  over the telephone or by using the internet must be extraordinarily sensitive to energy from a client they may never have met or spoken to directly. In a face-to-face clairvoyant reading, the psychic advisor usually is sensitive to visual and oral cues about the state of mind of the client. This may make it less difficult to provide answers to the questions being placed.

Sometimes the clairvoyant will use tools to help provide answers to questions asked during a psychic reading.  These tools can include astrological charts, tarot cards, runes or even tea leaves or a crystal ball.  These objects are said to help focus the energies of the psychic advisor and make the process of receiving answers more substantial. 

Getting the answers from a Clairvoyant

There are several things you can do to help facilitate the psychic reading and receive answers to the questions you bring to the session.  First, make sure you know what the question is.  Don t attempt to test or trick the psychic advisor as proof of their legitimacy before proceeding.  Any question asked or answered requires an element of faith both in the consultant and in oneself.  Many times a psychic reading is successful only because it causes the questioners to look within themselves for the answers to their questions.  The advisor can assist in this process.

Try to keep your mind open both about the answers you receive and about asking the questions.  Finally, use your own good judgment in implementing actions that you may perceive as the answers to your questions.