Top 6 Nudist Beaches in Perth W.A

Top 6 Nudist beach Perth W.A

Looking to get a full body tan at the beach? We have listed 6 of the best nude beaches in Perth W.A. Please use etiquette when using cameras or camera phones while on a nudest beach. We suggest you read this guide by Aus natural: 

Cable Beach – Legal

Lying some 2200 km north of Perth and well inside the tropics the summer months in Broome are quite hot and humid with maximum temperatures of around 35 degrees Celsius. However, from April to September, with little rain and daytime temperatures in the mid twenties, it is an ideal place to escape the southern winters. Cable Beach is situated 7 km from town along a good bitumen road. The beach itself is some 22.5 km long with beautiful white sand that sets so hard when the tide goes out that you scarcely leave foot prints at the water’s edge. The water is crystal clear and the gentle swells hardly manage to topple over as they roll up onto the almost perfectly flat beach.

The clothes optional area is to the north of the beach access road from the car park, and continues to the mouth of Willie Creek, some 17 km away. This would almost make it the longest clothes optional beach in the world. 4WD vehicles may be driven onto the beach from the car park. This allows people to explore the beach at low tide to a much greater extent than would be possible on foot.

Bunbury – Legal

This beach is situated at the northern end of Geographe Bay, on the Indian Ocean about 180 km south of Perth. It is protected by the headland Cape Naturaliste. The beach is backed by the “Maidens”, an A Class Nature Reserve of sand dunes with an abundance of wild life, which gives the area a certain amount of privacy.

To get to the beach drive south from Bunbury along Ocean Drive to the car park opposite the end of Hastie Street or another one a little further south. Take the steps to the beach and turn left, or south, and walk for approximately 600 metres to the signposted nude bathing area.

Nth Swanbourne Beach – Legal

Beautiful Swanbourne Beach is conveniently located just 20 minutes from Perth. You can take the opportunity to get an all over tan on North Swanbourne Beach, which has been unofficially designated as a clothing optional beach.

South Swanbourne Beach is a family beach, thus the clothing optional status does not apply until you are 300 meters north of the car park; look out for signage to ensure you are in the right spot!

Enjoy soaking up the sunshine, beach walking along soft white sand or swimming in the clear turquoise waters. It is best to visit in the mornings, as it sometimes gets a little windy in the afternoons.

Ten Mile Lagoon – Legal

Ten Mile Lagoon (WA 159) extends from the calcarenite point for 4 km to the northwest, with the entire beach dominated by a near continuous shore parallel beachrock reef, which impounds the lagoon. While the inner lagoon can be relatively calm, three strong permanent rips exit through three gaps in the central-western section of the reef, and beachrock outcrops along the shore (Fig. 3.1b). Use caution if swimming here and stay close to shore and clear of the beachrock. The bluffs and dunes continue the length of the beach, with the northern boundary consisting of a small protruding section of calcarenite. There is a large car park on the bluffs behind the centre of the beach, and a vehicle track off the main road leading to the top of the boundary point, which provides views of Ten Mile and Eleven Mile beaches. The crest of the bluffs behind the beach is studded with large windmills, part of a wind power farm. This is the western most point of vehicle access. In addition it is also a ‘free’ or nude beach

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach (WA 796) commences at the sandy foreland and curves round for 8.5 km to the northeast, then north and finally northwest, to terminate at the northern foreland, in lee of the inner northern sand shoal. Wave energy is low at both ends of the beach increasing towards the central section where it averages about 1 m maintaining a steep reflective beach. Towards the northern end the strong summer southwest sea breezes and associated wind waves can form a low tide terrace. The Port Kennedy golf course backs the southern 1 km, with housing development then extending all the way to Safety Bay. All the developments have a foreshore reserve covering the foredune and extending from 50-100 m inland, with the housing estates extending inland. The major developments are at Warnbro in the centre, where the once 500 m wide reserve has been further subdivided, and Waikiki to the north. There is a bike track along the reserve, together with numerous access points and car parks, with a boat ramp in the northern more protected corner.

Mauritius Beach

This Beach is located in the Exmouth area some 1200 km north of Perth. It is clearly signposted as a clothing optional beach on the main road from Exmouth to the national park. It is also shown on several tourist ‘map boards’ displayed for tourist information. Don’t expect to find large numbers of naturists there but it is a lovely beach. From the Exmouth township travel out along the Point Murat Road then turn left into Yardie Creek Road. Click on the map for an enlarged version.

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