The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney

The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney

When your looking for some answers about your life you may need a Psychic, clairvoyant or Medium to guide you.

We have created a list of the top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney for you to go through.

Psychic Spirit Wisdom

This is the easiest place to get real psychic, clairvoyant answers to all your trials and tribulations. Where accuracy is assured within an unmatched quality service. All is revealed, past, present and future. Allow me to unlock hidden mysteries, answer burning questions and relieve confusion from heartache and despair.

Is your life clouded with doubt? What if I told you that in one single session, I can change that with a method that is centuries old and has proven results.Master your destiny beyond your belief. Catapult your life to everlasting change. Journey with me to connect to your true innate divinity. With spiritually guided angelic intelligence.

I AM a Transformational Life Coach, psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Together with the ancient art of tarot card readings, spirituality and metaphysics I am here to serve humanity’s highest good. I have over 38 years’ experience helping people from all walks of life without prejudice or judgement. I have thousands of accurate readings to my credit and my reviews speak volumes. Specialising in Relationships, Heartache, Abandonment, Confusion, Trauma, Family,  Bereavement and Abuse. Relax as you discover trust in my empathy. I AM in service to uplift, enrich, enlighten, and empower your highest good with the healing power of compassionate excellence in the light of love.

Psychic Deniz – Coffee Cup Readings

Awarded with 2016 Psychic – People’s Choice Award by the International Psychics Association (IPA), I am a shaman psychic medium providing coffee cup readings in Sydney, Australia. I am a professional member of IPA, and an affiliate member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Started in Istanbul and with years of experience in clairsentience (sensing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairaudience (hearing) I specialise in ancient Turkish coffee cup reading as part of tasseography. Coffee cup readings is an ancient method for divination and is hugely popular in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, the Middle East and parts of Russia. Through diasporas and migration, it is also gaining momentum in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Since childhood the strong intuition was there, yet my first experience with mediumship goes back to my high school years in Turkey, and following my first coffee grounds reading, my coffee reading reputation has built up over time based on my ability to deliver specific details and accurate psychic predictions.

Psychic Medium Healer

Leila is one of Sydney Australia’s most reputable recognised and in demand, attuning herself to this higher frequency, along with the effort of those in the spirit world to allow the spirit communication to take place. Has practiced healings and attunements face to face, distant healings and attunements also via the telephone. I have assisted people locally, interstate and overseas to heal spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and provided both spiritual and psychic guidance to help people on their spiritual path and deepen their spiritual understanding.

Psychic Readings Psychic intuition is what you come to know, a sort of an instinctive knowledge you get, without the help of any process involving reasoning. It is a gut feeling you get before anything happens. It is a feeling you get before something occurs, without knowing specifically what is about to happen. Psychic healer may use his or her medical intuition and clairvoyant ability to locate the health problem lurking somewhere in your sub-conscious mind a sense of leep guilt, for example, which may be disturbing you in the form of bad dreams and robbing you of your mental peace. Psychic power is the ability to feel..

The Argyle Oracle

Since 1993 we have been giving in person psychic readings and running psychic events from our convenient location in The Rocks. We strive to meet Sydney’s growing demand for the magical and the wonderful. Everyday from 10 am to 6 pm the best psychics, clairvoyants and mediums that Sydney has to offer come to Argyle Oracle to provide amazingly accurate readings to people from all walks of life.

Sydney’s number one Psychic reading centre – The Argyle Oracle –  has been the meeting place of talented psychics in Sydney since 1993. If you want to see a Sydney psychic, personal face to face psychic readings are held daily. If you are looking for the best clairvoyant, psychic medium, or psychic in Sydney, look no further. We offer daily psychic reading in Sydney’s the Rocks, using a variety of mediums and clairvoyants such as Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology and more. Each psychic reading is held in our private rooms which provide a restful and supportive environment.

Sydney Psychic Readings

Imagine If you had known the right choice to take,and could see the benefits that it would bring. Have you ever looked back and regretted not possessing psychic intuition or clairvoyant guidance at that time?

Can you be sure that you have enough psychic awareness to make the right choice next time, and see things more clearly in the future? You don’t have to search alone. Find accurate insight and positive direction in your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find the happiness that you deserve, and get caring advice to guide you along your path.

It could mean the difference between being In Love and happy, or being lonely and single. Accurate Psychic Clairvoyant Readings can help avoid love passing you by, which sadly happens all too often. Try not to let it happen to you. Ask for Clairvoyant answers in love, career, health and more….

Kiss The Sky With One Love Psychics

The easiest way to get Psychic Readings, Real Clairvoyant Insights and Tarot Card Advice is right here at your fingertips! It has many highly qualified professional psychics, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, astrologers and spiritual healing advisors who are here to help answer your questions and provide you with honest insights into your issues and concerns that matter to you most at affordable prices.

We are the highest conscious collective with many years experience in the esoteric arts both on and off line. We know what a client is looking for when it comes to an expert reading and website, we also know what an expert psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card reader, astrologer and spiritual healer need in order to work professionally and proficiently. In order to maintain quality services we seek their trusted guidance.

We offer the “best client service from an Expert Community,” we are legitimate and offer fantastic value. All our psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card, astrology readers and spiritual healers are verified and tested for accuracy. They are certified for authenticity along with genuine abilities, experience and skills that will provide our clients with the most professional psychic experts available on the internet today. We would like to think of our platform as the best in the business within the psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card, astrology and spiritual healing services.

All located on the one website, we are proud to provide a one-on-one relationship with each of our expert advisors and for me to know each one on a personal level is both a privilege and delight.

Francis Bevan

Francis Bevan began clairvoyant readings at the age of ten and astounded his family and friends with the gift that he was given. Although he went on to become a musician and then later a policeman, he continued to do clairvoyant readings. He became a professional clairvoyant in 1984. Since then he has become highly proficient at helping people to make difficult life choices. He is also a professional member of the Australia Psychic Association and recognised by The Australian Federation of Astrologers.

Francis has an uncanny way of taping into his psychic abilities which are clearly demonstrated in his personal readings. His readings are done using a combination of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychic insight. He is also extremely talented in the fields of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading and Cartomancy (reading the playing cards).

He has an established local and international client list who consult him frequently on matters regarding – Love, Money, Business, Health, and Family. Throughout his career, Francis has lectured to business people, students, and other metaphysical practitioners. He also teaches Psychic Development, Mediumship and Tarot Card Readings through his courses.

Inspired Lifestyle

Our psychics are available for Face to Face readings at Inspired Lifestyle.  We also offer ONLINE / Phone Readings at a pre scheduled time. Please make your booking with a deposit using the online form below anytime day or night, or via phone on 02 8544 8573 during business hours. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us by phone or email

Please note : All Face to Face Psychic/Healer Bookings are normally subject to a deposit at the time of booking. However at this time we offer ONLINE or Phone Readings  at reduced prices, which require full payment at time of booking. No cancellations, or changes are permitted within 24 hours of the scheduled booking.

New Moon

Since 1995, the most reliable place for psychic readings, tarot readings and healings If You Seek Spiritual Guidance, New Moon is Here to Help. New Moon is a store that was created to inspire others, offering daily psychic readings, tarot readings and healings. We also feature a great array of beautiful crystals, crystal balls and crystal jewellery for those who appreciate the stunning appearance of crystals and wish to benefit from their healing energy.

First started in 1995 and situated in the heart of Castle Hill NSW, New Moon offers a complete and stimulating shopping experience. We offer a slew of wonderful and inspirational gift items including meditation and relaxation music,books, incense,tarot cards and more. Everyone from new age practitioners to curious shoppers to lovers of unique, other worldly items will surely find something that will nurture,pamper and please their senses in our store.

Madeline Rose

My favourite readings are with pets, both lost and passed over. Lately, rye become attuned to animal. communication through the experience of having many of my own cats and other animals. 1 find that these animal communication readings give me the greatest happiness of all. 1 have over 20 years reading experience and am expert at providing you with insight and clarity.

Psychic Readings Nearby Do you have any doubts or questions regarding your professional or romantic future? Are you wondering what the future holds for you in the area of health or finance? Or do you need a reading about a passed over or missing beloved animal? For all of your answers, you have come to the right place.1 am a renowned and trusted psychic reader (Sydney and Wollongong) who has shills that 1 was born with. 1 have restored my clairvoyant abilities and sixth sense after having set them aside for many years. Now 1 help people find the answers to their deepest desires. Through a clairvoyant reading with me, 1 can give you give insight into how to deal with your problems. 1 can also give you information that will help relieve your anxiety about the future.

Psychic Teacher, and Psychic Readings

Hi, I’m Charmaine. I’m one of the rare Mediums that you will ever encounter that can actually tell you things. Best Psychic Readings in Brisbane – Psychic eBook Guides and clairvoyant training by Charmaine The Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

I can help patch up a Relationship or tell you where the right one for you is. I’m not your average Psychic, I truly use my gift by Guardian Angels and have well known celebrities around me like Nostradamus and Elvis Presley. God is also my Teacher.  Also I can repeat word for word what loved ones from the other side are saying and what they are up to now. Even what they think about their will etc. I can even tell you how they died or what your pets are thinking. Do they love their food or what is wrong with them?

I am also a Teacher. If you would like to see your own future and get in touch with your own Guardian Angels,call me. And I have the perfect Demon protection for those that are the victim of Spiritual warfare. The New Age Bible is a Psychic Clairvoyants Manual for those that want to learn to be the best psychic.

The Sydney Psychic

Hi there, I’m Flynn Vamos, Owner and Principal of The Sydney Psychic. My vision was founded upon my dream to support people with my intuitive gifts, and bring through the magic of the unseen to help people see that there truly is no separation. I’ve had many magical moments with my clients over the years and I love what I do.

You may be here with a very open mind and heart, or perhaps you find yourself new to world of spirituality and through curiosity your heart has called you to take a leap of faith and reach out. Either way, opening to a spiritual reading takes courage and bravery, and I look forward to welcoming you with open arms.

A1 Sydney Gypsy Psychic

Wisdom, understanding, kindness, love, patience, respect and honest communication are vital throughout life’s journey. These qualities are also critical within the readings and healings I give. As curious humans, we seek out answers to an array of questions concerning our life. The Who? The Why? The How? The What? The Where? and The When? As much as you may believe you should or need to know an answer, you must have faith that your spirit guides will relay information that is in your best interest and at the right time.

Allow me to assist you, if you will, upon your various journeys in this life. Tune into your Holistic self to achieve your best outcome. MIND BODY HEART AND SPIRIT. I may help you achieve this through the following:

* Psychic readings, gypsy tarot and coffee cup readings.

*Holistic Counseling service/therapy.

*Holistic Wisdom and advice.

*Tibetan singing bowl playing/therapy.

*Crystal singing bowl playing/therapy.

*Chakra healing/balancing, clearing blockages.

*Meridian healing/balancing, clearing blockages.

*House blessings.

*Personalised Meditation, including but not limited to the following:
– Past life.
– Letting go.
– Moving forward.
– Finding inner strength.
– Calmness.
– Forgiveness.

I look forward to meeting with you in a positive safe environment, where my goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome you can, holistically.

A Natural Change

Many psychic readers have their own style of supporting those searching for answers. Through her gift, Yvette offers information and gentle guidance to support her clients find new insights into their current situations and empower them to make decisions in their personal and professional lives. Yvette is clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling) and clairvoyant (clear seeing). These abilities allow Yvette to receive intuitive information and guidance through inner hearing, emotions/sensations and inner sight.

Spirit and tarot cards are also useful tools for timing on events.Yvette’s clients have the opportunity to ask questions in which Yvette often helps, however, Yvette will also state “I am not God” and is upfront in letting her clients know if she is not receiving a response. All readings are designed to provide information to support clients and help them improve their own lives and those of loved ones. Clients are encouraged to take notes during the session for future reference. Psychic guidance offers clarity to release the distress surrounding uncomfortable situations. Yvette’s suggestions are for self-empowerment, enabling a new outlook on life.

The High Priestess – Connecting The Realms

Spiritual Guidance comes in many forms and touches our lives in many ways, what one person perceives may hold a very different vision to that of Spirit. We are all Spirit living inside mobile temples.

We are given free will because our journey here is one of learning, and experiencing how to make good of every situation. In order to have the best reading, it is important you don’t first divulge all you want to know unless you seek only to have that single thing answered.

Otherwise you have already affected your reading to the point that it then becomes one of ‘You only knew that because I told you’, I don’t work like that, I am here to share what I sense is, has and is about to happen in  your path. I also ask you refrain from having no more than one reading in a 3-6 month period, and you must be over 18 years. Why? Because until 18 you are still designing your own path and creating your goals.

To read for an under 18 can affect their psyche’ and throw them off balance spiritually. If I should ask a question it is merely to determine that the information I receive is connecting, I don’t need you to elaborate just a ‘yes or no’ is sufficient.  I look forward to doing your psychic reading for you.