Spiritual teachers, What To Look For In A Real Spiritual Teacher

Spiritual Teachers

Spiritual teachers may perhaps be a light of guidance to remind you what is already known to your soul within. Spiritual teachers have been always there for all spiritual humans, if we were to glimpse in to past to see the works and messages of love they have brought forth, then surely we can come to see thousands of them. Some have guided people in masses. Yet when studied thoroughly we will understand that all has been there to remind us the universal love that encompasses the universe at large.

When we in life question many things, as we always have, and at times we find our selves with challenging questions such as  what is spirituality? where did I evolve from? And what is my true destination called destiny? These are universal questions that have always been asked.

To answer these universal questions we might obtain wisdom through spiritual teachers that are amongst us, with an open heart we must experience each stage of developing spiritual awareness. Therefore we will know nothing for which we are not ripe for. Your inner desire to explore new paths, new ways of reason and logic will always be of help to you. True sages are not there to preach upon you, they are simply there to show to you, that the answers are around and within you to find out, they can only share their hearts light and wisdom that is obtained through their direct experiences.

This is called spiritual teachings. No mind is above another, meaning; come tomorrow you may know different things than I, that maybe of more use to a human soul in this garden of life. Spiritual teachings can be thought as stepping stones, building your stair case to celestial realms of truth. And you need to remember not their truth, but rather your own, because in fact there is only one absolute truth, and the rest is simply theories. And this truth that you may seek actually has always been within you, trying to communicate with you, ever since you have opened your eyes to this life, with every heart beat it has knocked at the sacred door of your heart. (and this heart mentioned here is NOT the heart that is mere piece of meat, rather it is EVERYTHING for you; it is YOU)

Spiritual teachers are those who have already opened this door and live in it, and welcomed what they have found as it is beautiful, no words can explain direct experience, as it is personal and intimate. Spiritual teachers are there to share the wisdom gained to teach you to open your hearts door to your inner most desires of your spirit. By welcoming it and embracing it. To allow you to feel that timeless sense of joy for your inner self. As you know joy from outside can be obtained very easily, though the real joy of your heart is around you, you live in it, you exist, that the love of grace has forseen your existence valuable, for you are, think about that!

Thus then you can glimpse at life from the two little windows called your eyes. Knowing from one eye you will see the view point of your spiritual teacher and the other eye from your own wisdom and reason, thus you can compare. This is called true teaching. Yet the answer to any spiritual question you may have, is only profitable to the intensity of your inner quest to find out. And when you are ready you will find the guidance you seek. It just appears magically. Your action to find and achieve your inner souls spiritual desires is done when your motivation is deep and directed to right channels.

Many people think that attaining spiritual wisdom takes much time and effort. Yet this is true to some degree, time and effort is a must for any knowing, and all learning is done by following, spiritual teachers are there to kindly suggest to you, to follow your heart and grow to calmness and true joy that is awaiting you within. And you have all the time in the world for it, in fact, you have till eternity to find out.

You are now a spiritual disciple, and your code of conduct is to achieve higher levels of understanding love and compassion.

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