Should I accept the first offer of compensation?

Should I accept the first offer of compensation?


The other’s party insurance company will contact you after medical negligence or injury. The claims adjuster assigned to your case may propose a settlement or offer you compensation. You can’t work, have medical costs, and you need money, but should you accept the first offer of medical compensation? 

In general, experts recommend not to accept the first offer you get from the other’s party insurance company. Keep in mind that a claims adjuster from the insurance company does not work for you. Therefore, the adjuster’s job is to settle the case as soon as possible for the least amount of compensation. Read on!

The first Offer does not Meet Long-Term Care Needs

Accepting the first offer of compensation allows you to recover your lost funds quickly. However, the first offer rarely accounts for long-term costs and damages. It is something that you won’t be able to calculate initially. 

Injuries resulting from medical negligence are more complicated than usual personal injuries that result from a car accident. For instance, you may require follow-up medical treatment, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Although you may assume that further medical care is unnecessary right now, it could be needed in the future. 

Therefore, you need a professional health provider to evaluate your health status and a qualified lawyer to calculate the potential costs in the future. If you accept the first offer of compensation, you won’t recover when more medical expenses arise later. 

It means you would pay for medical care, including hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, or psychological treatments. Besides, you won’t receive compensation if you lose work hours due to rising healthcare costs. 

Why should you wait? 

Experts recommend waiting until you receive all the necessary medical treatments. Focus on receiving compensation for other damages besides medical costs. It is crucial to know the amount of recovery time you will need, the number of hours you will miss at the workplace, and other problems that can cause you to lose income. 

Moreover, discuss with your doctor and lawyer the possibility of getting partially or permanently disabled. Because disability can significantly affect your ability to work, the standard of living, and income, it is crucial to avoid the first offer of compensation. 

The first offer won’t account for your pain and suffering. Most insurance companies in Australia do not include pain and suffering in the first offer of compensation. Remember, pain and suffering are damages, which can help compensate for your physical, mental, and emotional anguish. Therefore, it is best to avoid the initial settlement and seek advice from your attorney. 


Reject the First offer of Compensation Properly 

Your lawyer will advise you not to accept the offer initially. Your attorney, who acts on your behalf, will reject the insurance company’s initial settlement offer by presenting the following reasons. 

  • The compensation amount does not meet your medical needs
  • The amount is too low, and you deserve more compensation
  • A list of demands or costs to justify a higher compensation/settlement value

After rejecting the offer, the insurance company may give you another compensation offer. It means the company is willing to negotiate the compensation amount with you. If you have hired a professional attorney, he or she will quote a higher number in the demand letter. That way, your chances of getting a higher compensation increase. Make sure you do everything your attorney tells you to get the most out of your claim.