Safe Asbestos Removal in Adelaide South Australia. What to know to be Safe.

Asbestos has gained lots of media coverage in the last few years because it is so dangerous to human beings. It has been proven to be a large factor in many people getting lung cancer and having other major life threatening lung diseases. The major issue at hand is that before it was well known that it was bad for your lungs, construction specialists were installing and coming in contact with it without the proper personal protective equipment. So what do you do if you have it in your home or business and need it removed.

What is it?
It is a super dangerous component of many different construction materials. It is most known for being in installations, but it can also be found in sheetrock and other flooring and roofing materials. It was commonly used approximately twenty or thirty years ago because it works great for the purposes it was needed for. However, it has recently been found that its exposure can lead directly to lung cancer and lung disease. Especially in those who have worked in factories and construction. So what do you do if you have asbestos and need to get rid of it. Call a licensed contractor and have them come and check it out. They have the proper equipment to remove it safely for asbestos removal Adelaide.

How Do They Remove It?
Basically, when working with asbestos the goal is to keep it from getting into the surrounding air. So the contractor will start with saturating the it with water to reduce dust. While wearing appropriate masks and bodywear they come in and remove the product and dispose of it properly so that it doesn’t cause harm to anyone else. When we say appropriate masks, not any style of mask will do the trick. You need to have a properly fitted P2 mask or N95 mask like you can get at Canberra Diamond Blade. These provide a secure seal around your mouth and nose which prevents any asbestos particles from bypassing your mask and being inhaled.

. If it is in the sheet rock then it will have to be completely removed. Most contractors in Southern Australia start with a base price of approximately 1000 dollars just to come in and remove the it. This is because it is super dangerous to their own health so it is expensive to have done. Also, considering the size or the location of the it. The price can skyrocket to over twenty thousand if required.

What Services are Available in Southern Australia?
In southern Australia, specifically Adelaide. There are many different contracting companies that can help you with your product needs. There are also specific companies dedicated to its removal and are even more specialized in the process. They are slightly more expensive but worth the money to have a solid, safe professional company working for you. SafeHouse asbestos removal Adelaide is an up and coming business to meet the needs of people suffering from its effects. Call any local contractor or specialist to set up your appointment and get yourself on to a healthier lifestyle today.

Asbestos can cause major problems in your life. Don’t let it. Call a contractor or specialist and get the problem taken care of. It can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly, take care of your problem today.

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Written by Amanda Anthonysz