Psychic medium, What are they?

Psychics Medium

Psychic mediums are people who have the ability to sense something with no prior knowledge or the use of reason. Psychic phenomenon dates back to very ancient times in our known history. Although many peoples perception of psychics are usually of scenes out from Steven Spielberg movies on the contrary psychics are not cave dwellers they are simple people just like you, they do not go to heaven every night and chit chat with angels and God.

The early records of existence of psychics can be found in written words on clay tablets. In fact it can clearly be understood that psychics existed in the earliest cultures to date. Psychics are able to translate spiritual information they receive through their readings, and these readings are done through variety of ways, such as meditation, deep trance like state, it can also come at without any attendance in to such states. Having developed and cultivated ones heart then different levels of psychic ability can be obtained.

Although some people suggest that when they first encountered their awakening it actually scared them because it was unknown and unfamiliar territories for them. I get called upon for various reasons to help and answer spiritually minded souls who choose to consult me. From psychic medium channeling to clearing away unwelcome spirits from homes. Although many people frown at the idea of such things being possible. None the less just like our physical world being complex, and still new discoveries are being made on all fronts, same is true for psychics who choose to walk the psychic readers path as new realizations and new direct experiences can be made often, thus knowledge gets expanded in ones heart. Also I tend to get many people who simply like to test me and my abilities, I simply refer them to my feedback form where they can simply read the other visitors kind comments thus this saves time for everyone involved.

But I really do understand why people would like to approach me in this manner sometimes, after all there are many misconceptions, also false information circulating around on the online world. Yet those spiritual souls I get the privileged to meet realize the spirit within me by my strong presence.

Psychic phenomenon must be seen as, it is nothing new, it has always been around, when we study history we see the fact that, psychics clairvoyants existed in almost all ancient civilization. Although they were labeled differently to what they are called today. We also need to remember that, before we as large and complex societies grouped to form our modern life styles, there were spiritual journey makers in all small cultures around the globe, these can be still seen intact today. Psychics are individual souls who desire to know and expand, no psychic clairvoyant can see God or talk with it, so if ever you come across a website who claims to be able to do that, simply close your browser and find another website.


Clairvoyants are simply psychics who have developed this particular ability although wide it still does not cover all psychic abilities. Clairvoyants have the ability to see clearly as this modern term is driven from French meaning clear vision. Therefore when a genuine psychic polishes his or hers lenses then they are able to see clearly the visions in a psychic reading session.

Most people have different ideas when it comes to psychics clairvoyants, the best way to accomplish knowledge on these subjects is to actually find it out from having an genuine psychic chat with a psychic clairvoyant. Also when these abilities are awakened and realized then it is a beautiful experience, that no one word can describe it. It is not as far fetched as in the Hollywood movies. We were humans whether 5000 years ago or earlier and we are still same spiritual beings, they were psychics clairvoyants 5000 years ago and earlier and, they are still around to guide and answer spiritually minded souls. Enjoy this article? Have you ever wondered What does it mean when you dream of someone? Read our article to find out more.