Psychic Abilities. Am I Psychic? How to become a medium, Psychic or Clairvoyant

Psychic Abilities, Become a medium, Psychic or Clairvoyant

When the word psychic ability is mentioned then this brings up many theories, as to what it actually is and what it covers. Psychic ability is a universal term for your soul’s potential; it is intuitive power that beats within every heart beat. Some web sites or psychic will claim that they are gifted from God, this is clearly false notion, they maybe gifted, if you believe having developed extra sensory perception or attained enough wisdom to receive information and messages from spiritual realms. Some psychics will make themselves sound like they are Gods chosen souls who have psychic ability stemming from God choosing them as special. For whom ever or which ever website indicates such absurd theories then clearly you should think twice about consulting that website for your metaphysical questions.

One thing is certain and that is we are all the same yet the colour is different the soul reveals what is in its core (essence). And your essence is spirit and is pure, in fact ever ones soul is pure, therefore we all actually have the gift of psychic ability. Yet only few choose to expand in these perceptions and reception. Psychic ability covers many different areas of metaphysics. Through out our lives many of us shine away from our inner intuitive sides and we usually do this without even noticing it. As we attend life and face its challenges we come to rely on the outside world for our needs. Having rather growing in life being perceptive to spiritual dimension with an open mind can yield many results for each follower of psychic paths.

Again we must make certain we realise psychics and their psychic abilities is a subject that is developed and not born with. To unleash your own psychic energy first step obviously must be to have an open mind and open heart that it is actually existent also possible. Your inner intuition – gut feeling is a form of psychic ability; there are stages to develop these qualities. But we need to abandon the concept that we only have five senses, this may be true in physical form, because we have universal senses such as taste sight smell hear and touch / feel. These take the physical form for us to function and survive. I will give you a very thoughtful example so once and for all you can determine for yourself if psychic ability can be cultivated. So please sit back, relax and read this very thoroughly.

Let’s imagine a human being who has only four senses that is functioning. (Which means that the person we are imagining together is physically not able with one of the humanly senses. (Some people refer it disable) and lets together imagine this person having no eye sight. That means they are blind citizen. Now as you maybe aware that blind citizens actually can lead a very normal life, but they cannot see with their eyes. This blind citizen you and I are imaging will actually be better advanced in other physical senses such as; he or she might have better hearing capabilities or they can be very acute in tasting or smell and touch. Because they lack one human sense they compensate survival to better other ones.

This is a fact as their survival depends on it. For example; he or she might have better hearing capabilities than you and I, this is not always the case, but usually it is. So they compared to other people will be better cultivated on other humanly senses. So before we go any further to really understand psychic ability. Let me ask you this; can a blind citizen we are imagining ride a bicycle?

Well I will answer this a bit later. So let’s get back to our conversation. Just like the example of above blind citizen, similarly we can advance by learning on spiritual senses, which are commonly referred to as psychic abilities, extra sensory perception (and or reception) and metaphysics. Because “psychic” is a matter that concerns ones spirit.

Very word psychic means of the soul spirit heart breath therefore, psychic ability is an ability of human soul. When attained with an open heart then these abilities can be fine tuned. There are many different psychic abilities and also there are also degrees of each ability.

Types of Psychic Abilities

empathic intuition, genuine psychic readings, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic medium, channeling, psychometry, dejavu, claiguscience, clairaudience, clairsentient, psychic healing just to name some of them.

And just like our example about the blind citizen who can advance to a degree to ride a bicycle, these psychic abilities can be developed in spiritual forms. And just like any true learning in life, it requires time patience open mind and open heart and dedication. It just has to be refined with years of training and guidance. So before I forget I must also give you a link to visit, so you can find out for yourself if blind citizens can actually ride a bicycle please watch the videos on this website.

If you desire to find out if psychic abilities are real then have a online psychic chat with a real psychic and see if they will train you.

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