Electric Golf Buggy made to help for Retires and Aged Care

Electric Golf Buggy ‘s are a great means in which to reduce the back pains associated with playing golf a specially if your a senior. Without compromising the leisurely stroll and chat of a nice morning of 9 or 18 holes. These stylishly designed golf bag trolleys are ideal for the regular golfer and some of the features of these electronic golf buggy products include cruise control, 80-metre range for the remote control, real wheel drive, strong aluminium frame, stainless steel axels and the ability to climb at a 30-degree gradient. These golf trolleys are extremely convenient, as it is easily folded into a locked flat position, so popping the electronic golf buggy ‘s in and out of your car can be done effortlessely. With lots of Retirement Community now using electric golf biggies they have really taken off.

The electric golf buggy ‘s are also of modern design and are often used as a sophisticated style accessory around the course. So ask yourself, ‘are you playing your best golf at the moment or are little aches and pains in your back and shoulders restricting that flawless drive you once had?’ Our electric golf buggy ‘s are of top manufacturing and quality, yet are approximately half the recommended retail price as our parent company, ‘Relax at Home’ have worked very hard to eliminate the manufacturing and supply costs. With each of these electric golf buggy ‘s comes an instruction manual, 26amp battery & charger, spring loaded detatchable seat with additional storage, score card holder, sand bucket holder, umbrella holder, drink bottle bottle, battery bag tool kit and of course a 1 year warranty. Start enjoying your golf a little more with the help of Electric Golf Buggy ‘s! If you have any question about these products, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you immediately.