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Jacobs Sports Ladder is back!

Ladders are a great way for players of sports such as squash, tennis, badminton (even computer games and billiards!!) to find similarly skilled opponents to play against. There are variations on the rules (see below) but essentially players are entitled to make a ‘challenge’ a certain number of places above them on the ladder. If the challenger wins the match, they take the place of the loser on the ladder and the loser drops a certain number of places. Very quickly players find themselves appropriately ranked on the ladder so matches become more and more competetive and more enjoyable.

The ladders are fully automated and every eight hours the ladder status is checked. Reminders are sent out for overdue games and if not recorded within a time period of your choice the challenge will be automatically forfeited. All activities are confirmed by email.

You can either choose to download the software to run on your own server or have your ladder hosted here – either way please consider supporting future developments by making a donation. If you would like your ladder hosted here for free that is no problem – just fill in this form . Your free ladder would have its own unique access URL in the format:Alternatively, if you would like a customised URL to access your ladder I can provide this at cost price which is currently $10 per year. Ladders of the same sport may club together to split the costs.

The ladders run off the squash ladder PHP software (available at deepblue) and once assigned a ladder admin, you can customise many settings (see below). Users sign up with a password and can start challenging straight away. See the demo ladder here.

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