Local iPhone Repairs in your community Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBD

iPhone Screen Repairs Brisbane

The iPhone is a sophisticated piece of technology. It utilizes some of the latest advances in smartphone technology – and nowhere else is this more evident than in the iPhone screen. It’s sleek, elegant, and capable of displaying millions of colors for an overall beautiful picture. Not to mention the tactile response design. But this advanced piece of technology comes at a price – it can be scratched or broken – and it would warrant iPhone screen repairs for the Brisbane community of people using iPhones.

This is where the Screen Fixed Brisbane phone repair shop comes into play. If you have any problems whatsoever with your iPhone device’s screen – then you’d do well to come and visit our Brisbane repair shop. We’ll give you the fairest price that you can find on the market – based on your iPhone model and the degree of damage to the screen.

You can visit Screen Fixed’s website for more information on iPhone screen repairs in Brisbane. You can even get a quote for the entire repair process that we’ll go through in our store. You’ll get your iPhone back, fully functioning, promptly. Once again – if you have any problems with your iPhone screen, no matter what model of iPhone you own – then feel free to visit the Screen Fixed store in Brisbane.

iPhone Battery Repairs Sydney

Another thing that tends to give out with time is the iPhone battery. This does not mean that the iPhone battery is dated. Every iPhone model to date boasts a powerful battery that can withstand a long period of usage before giving out. However, eventually, the battery will die – as is the case with all smartphone batteries.

If this happens to your iPhone, then you can bring your phone to the Screen Fixed shop in Sidney for a quick battery repair. The iPhone battery repairs Sidney is the perfect option for those living in Sidney. If fixing the battery isn’t an option – then you will get a fully functioning, new replacement battery. The price will be fair – you will find that the price for any type of iPhone repair is cheap compared to what other phone repair stores offer. Best of all, you will get an iron-clad two-year guarantee on your new battery.

iPhone Charger Port Repairs Melbourne

Sometimes it’s not the battery that dies out – but it’s the charger port that’s at fault. You may think that your battery is dead – and this can mask the real problem of the battery charger port mechanism. Fear not, if you have any questions regarding an iPhone problem, you can come and visit our store in Melbourne and get iPhone charger port repairs Melbourne.

Our technicians will diagnose the problem for you and tell you exactly what’s at fault. If there’s a problem with the charger port – it will usually warrant a replacement. Luckily, this is a relatively cheap part that you can get at a low price at our iPhone repair store – bring your iPhone and our technicians will get the faulty charger port repaired in no time – so that you will once again be able to charge your iPhone battery with ease. The Melbourne iPhone community will be delighted to learn that our Screen Fixed repair shop solves the vast majority of iPhone problems with ease.


If you have any problems with your iPhone – be it with its screen, charger port, or battery – you’d do well to visit one of the Screen Fixed repair shops in Sidney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The communities in these Australian cities can get quick and efficient iPhone repairs. iPhone repairs in Brisbane  have never been simpler, easier or faster – you will get your iPhone back with a fully replaced screen usually in less than an hour. And even if you aren’t a part of the communities in these three cities – you can ship your iPhone free of charge to one of our stores. You will still get premium-level service that will result in the successful replacement of any faulty or broken iPhone parts – so that you can get your iPhone back good as new – and all at a very fair price.