Is stripping worth the Money.

How much does a male or female stripper make and is it worth it?

According to our research male strippers make from $500-$2000 a week in Australia. This all happens over the week end. While female strippers can make $200-$1000 a night and they can work Monday through to Sunday.

is it worth it? Let’s start by looking back at my dancing career cost vs. worth analysis because that is truly what this question is asking. Is the cost of dancing worth the money?

            Let’s first figure out what is the cost:

Time – the obvious thing is time. How much time will it take to earn X amount of money? Well you can’t count on that you will be at the club for at least 4 hours per shift. Then it usually takes a couple of hours to get ready beforehand. So that would be a minimum of 6 hours. You can average about $100-200 per hour at a minimum but usually making more. If you have a regular you can make more, if you’re more experienced you can make more etc.

Money- Pays very well

Status- Social Status is the hardest hurdle for becoming stripper. For Male strippers your status can actually be improved as there is less of a negative view on male strippers. Female stripping on the other hand can still be looked down on from social peers and elders.

Why is its popular.

The water-cooler conversations in the 1980s and ’90s, with the mainstream movies “Flashdance,” “Showgirls” and “Striptease,” may be coming back, as strippers return to the big screen in September with “Hustlers,” about dancers who steal money from their rich customers. The film features the celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo and Constance Wu. Cardi B, a megastar, takes pride in and has spoken positively about her experiences with stripping. Beyoncé’s best-selling album, “Lemonade,” has a song called “6 Inch” about working as a stripper. Magic City and other clubs in Atlanta are well known among hip-hop fans as places where musicians test out new songs.

Where else can you go without any skills, knowledge, and earn hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a week?

The problem with this concept is that it’s SO easy to make money — all you need to do is get a skimpy outfit, drink some shots, get your butt on stage, and do lap dances. While this isn’t emotionally or physically easy and does require courage, you don’t need a resume, an interview, or even a high school degree to make money

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