How to grow mushrooms in Australia

Easiest Way to Start Growing Mushrooms in Australia

Our civilisation has gone through some peculiar changes – originally, everyone was growing their own food and that was pretty much the only way to go due to the situation that was prevalent. Lately, as society developed and grew, people started organising trading systems in order to make it possible to buy the food you want instead of having to grow it all by yourself. And nowadays, many people are getting tired of the “factory” quality of the foods on the market – especially the ones that are supposed to be natural, like fruits and vegetables – and are turning to various home-growing methods to supply themselves with different types of foods that are easier to grow at home.

Among these, mushrooms stand out quite a bit – there are various reasons that can be used to explain that, including the relative ease of growing them properly, the fact that they’re rich in nutrients and generally a favorite food. If you’re interested in starting your own home mushroom farm, there are some very easy ways to go about that today and you just need to take the time to learn what the process involves.

First, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the intricacies of growing mushrooms in Australia – what different sorts there are, what you can get from each one of them and subsequently what their unique requirements are, as well as finding out the basic tools that you’re going to need to get started. Most edible mushrooms share the basic growing philosophy – and you’ll have to learn how the plant lives and develops in order to know how to grow them better.

Realise that mushrooms aren’t quite like ordinary plants – they don’t grow in the same way and you’ll have to get used to some very specific guidelines in order to make the most out of your growing process. The easiest way to get started with your mushroom growing is to do it at home, in a controlled sterilised environment. There are other ways to go about it but indoor growing can provide you with the quickest and most reliable results – reliable, because there’s always a chance factor to this procedure and you’re maximising your chances by applying as much control over the process as possible.

What makes fungi so unique compared to other plants is that they lack any photosynthesis, so they need to get their nutrients in completely different ways. Mushrooms typically do this by getting anything possible from the environment they’re growing in, particularly the ground. Because of this, growing mushrooms indoors is best done on very specifically prepared soil, called substrate – it’s made in a way that combines all the important nutrients a mushroom needs to grow as fast as possible, and it will ensure that everything is going in order.