How To Find Your Spiritual or Psychic Soul Mate

One of the common desires of the human being is to find love.  In this search, love is defined as the perfect matching of two souls who are meant for each other.  The rigid concept of a soul mate assumes the preexistence of the soul and the theory of reincarnation to some extent. The philosophy assumes that two souls are such kindred spirits that they are perfectly matched to each other.  The soul mate is destined to search through the human beings of its acquaintance in order to find love in a deeper and more spiritual sense than romance or lust. 

The soul mate is a designation of the individual with whom there is an overwhelming natural affinity, intimacy, compatibility, love, friendship and or sexuality.  To find love with such a person is like finding a part of yourself that has been missing. A similar concept to soul mate is that of twin soul.  The soul mate in this instance is the single ultimate other half of one s own soul. Most people expect to find love and they may use the term somewhat more loosely, or not in the mystical or metaphysical sense.

A related theory of the soul mate was presented by Aristophanes in the Symposium by Plato was that originally mankind s bodies had four arms, four legs and a single head with two faces. When the race became over confident of the power and speed, Zeus, in council with the other gods decided to split each human body in two.  Furthermore, if things didn t improve, he threatened to repeat the split, leaving mankind with only one leg to hop around on. To this day, according to this view of mankind, he is fated to look for and find love in the other half of the original body in order to feel fulfilled. 

Today, most individuals looking to find love only mean that they are very compatible with the person referred to as a soul mate.  If you are trying to find love in the metaphysical sense of meeting your soul mate, perhaps the best way to accomplish it is to go where there are people with whom you are compatible. From a common sense approach, this methodology can t hurt and you are more likely to see results on the metaphysical stage as well.

Some would argue that if you are meant to find love or to find your soul mate, it can and will be done without any extra effort on your part.  The two souls are irrevocably drawn to each other without regard to distance, social class, or appearance. Others trying to find love may decide to consult a psychic advisor in the hope that some knowledge of where the soul mate can be found is forthcoming.

While the concept of being able to find love that is deep and true is appealing, the idea of each individual being only half of a whole is less attractive, at least in today s society.  Most of us prefer to feel that we are individuals first and part of a couple second.

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