How to communicate via ESP or Telepathically

This receiving can take place once attuned to allow the heart to be neutral, and allowing the flow of universal truth to run through a person. This requires much patience to attend this unique humanly ability. Extra sensory perceptions (some also simply say psychic ability) is classified in many different forms of ability. When we look upon the fact of extra sensory perception, then there are many levels of understanding and using this humanly intuition.

We can classify them in to categories of clairvoyance, telepathy, precognitive dreams, dejavu, channeling, psychometry etc, and we can also find many different forms of extra perception. And the reason people refer these abilities as saying they are extra, is because we all know rather most of us are taught that we have five humanly senses. Such as smell sight taste touch hear, these are seen as five humanly sense. And if a person was to challenge the scientific community; saying we as humans actually have more senses than this, then obviously many people would not believe in this theory. Yet if were to have a friendly sychic chat with a person who studies metaphysics then perhaps you will get a very different understating of senses. We have more than five senses (this I assure you), I will quickly touch on these subjects of extrasensory perceptions below;

Precognition: this perception can be thought of; a knowledge of an situation or event prior to that event actually happens, and is done without using reason (this covers precognitive dreams as well)

Clairvoyance: this perception is the umbrella term that is used to cover all ways in which a psychic knows of upcoming events as well as things that once happened in the past. It basically means clear vision, a vision of seeing from the heart and not eyes, it is a vision of seeing without letting things perturbing a heart.

Telepathy: You may think this ability as you have seen in science fiction movies where a person controls another by using their thoughts, although the movie makers are very imaginative, telepathy is one of the extra sensory perception that even many psychics cannot master. It basically means to receive or send thoughts from a distance. I will give you an example so you may understand this ability and transform your theories about it. Have you ever seen or watched a documentary about brain surgeons or those who study human mind; if you have perhaps you may have seen the x-ray images when they put the patients brain in scanning machines, (and when they show a patient certain images then particular part of the brain commits electrical charge) and then we see certain parts of the brain heating up thus giving us x ray images of this event (parts of brain heating up more so than other parts) well then we need to understand that, heat is energy, and it can also travel. Just like when you place your hand near a fire, without actually touching it you can feel the heat from a distance, as you can see heat energy travels. Same can also be said about thoughts, although very subtle it also travels, and attuning your being to receive and send this energy from a mind can actually happen, (it does in fact happen) this is called telepathy. Some people think telepathy is heart to heart communication, heart to heart communication fits in to the category of soul mate communications and not telepathy.

Dejavu: this perception is a feeling or ability to know that one has experienced an incident or a thought before, and once felt it is although it has been once lived. Many people refer this to reincarnation, though theories are open to debate amongst metaphysical cultures on this extra sensory perception. Example might be lets say you visit a church or a temple for the very first time and without ever seeing it in photos or anything, and all of a sudden you get this eerie feeling that you have been there before. And the sense of certainty that you never been there before makes you question reason and logic, this is an example of dejavu.

Channeling: this perception is rather seen from a spiritual view point. As to be able to acquire this extra sensory perception one must know spiritual forms, entities, dimension and their existence. Channel is a person who can communicate to these spiritual dimensions to receive and transmit the information they get. This ability is to relay information apart from earth realm. Throughout known history there have been documented evidence of ancients performing channeling. Also this extra sensory perception is very valued amongst shamans who still to date make their journey between spirit world and earth world. Also there are many genuine psychic mediums who offer their perceptive ability. Yet this subject is very delicate and attaining is one of the highest and most complex form of ability for a genuine psychic. Your psychic Tolga may offer this type of communication, but you need to first consult with me about it, before I offer this rather special service, and I assure you that, many people can only claim to be able to genuinely provide this service. ONLY IF THEY KNEW, that they only imagine things, and ONLY if they KNEW that being a real medium, is much more than what they speak of. FOR IF THEY KNEW, IT IS SACRED

Psychometry: is to be able to receive information and knowledge through objects or writings of people who is not present or known to the perceiver. Usually jewelry is seen as best forms of objects to receive information. Though it can also be done through clothing or article or photos that is personal. Also this can be universal objects or places such as houses buildings and anything else that can be physically seen. According to psychometry whenever one interacts with an object, subtle vibrations of that encounter become attached to it. Example; when someone wears a wedding ring for instance this ring then obtains psychic bond to the wearer. Even though when it is taken off, this psychic connection can be perceived to the attuned heart, similarly this can also be said to temples or churches whenever we visit such places then we get to feel its eternally charged atmosphere around us, it is calming and nurturing also peaceful, the reason for this in the eyes of metaphysician would be is that, through out its past people who have been in it, has left their souls pure imprints in the structure it self. Psychometry is widely practiced today amongst psychics, who will usually ask for an objects to get information to give psychic readings for an individual.

Many people will agree on existence of such Extra sensory perceptions “ESP”. And also there will be many people who will debate or disagree with such abilities. We humans need facts and figures to agree with anything, yet when we look upon spiritual beliefs of almost all people we come to realize we all believe in spiritual realms in one form another. Believing in spiritual dimensions require a heart that is perceptive and sensitive. Having extra sensory perception can be developed it is not a gift for only select few people who have been born under the right star. It is an ability, and with any ability it needs time and effort to bear fruit.