How Much Does a Lap Dance Cost?

Whats the price of a lap dance in Australia?

Short Answer: From $50 to $100 or more.

Most female or male strip clubs do lap dances, what they charge is usually up to them. The Club makes their money at the door and behind the bar therefore lap dances can vary depending on the performer.

A standard length lap dance will last for 10 minutes and will cost you normally about $80. However, the lap dance you buy will depend on what deal you strike with our dancers. You may wish to pay more for a longer dance – it’s up to you.

Please note: if you’re looking for something longer than our standard dance, it’s very important that you clearly understand the price and the duration of your dance before commencing.

Inflation for lap dances?

There’s a lot of reasons strippers lament that the strip club just isn’t what it used to be: Internet porn means fewer men want to leave the house to see some breasts; the days of the business lunch at the club are over; and people just generally have less disposable income to literally toss in the air.

Strippers aren’t necessarily making less than the women of the 1990s — in fact, song-for-song, they’re making the same, and that right there is the problem: While the cost of living has continued to increase, the cost of a lap dance has remained mostly fixed.

Stage and Tipping

Stage tipping is a really regional activity: Guys might make it rain or they might approach the stage only rarely. But tipping at least a couple of bucks to each dancer guarantees that a steady flow will visit your table because they see that you’re engaged with what’s going on in the club. Toss a few bucks up there for each dancer and many will stop by to thank you or say hi.

Open times

Most of the establishments slap on a cover charge during prime time — usually after about 7 p.m. It can vary from $5 to $20. Sometimes, if you call ahead and say you’re bringing a bachelor party with you, the cover charge will be waived. Couples are also welcome, and often the door charge will be waived. Single women are welcome in some clubs – a sign of the bisexual crowd in South Florida — but many clubs won’t admit single women in the belief they may be working girls trolling for Johns.

Once inside the door, you’ll probably have a lot of seating choices — booths along a back wall, tables and upholstered chairs (the better for lap dances, but more on that later), and chairs ringing the stage, where up close and personal takes on new meaning.