Fortune telling in Australia, how not to get scammed.

With the economy the way it is some people are pulling out all the stops, including psychics. Right now most people are having money issues and relationship issues because of the additional stress of money issues. What some psychics perceive is that people should be calling on them to resolve their relationship issues but what they fail to take into account is that people are not calling them because of the money issues – duh! Some psychics (not all) are being very short sighted and forgetting that their gift is for a higher power and empowerment of their clients.

To increase their business some psychics, rather than expanding themselves, have resorted to disempowering approaches to their readings. Some others have had their confidence and egos shaken to the point that they have lost faith in themselves and rather than give true psychic readings they get by on making true statements about universal laws regarding life such as “(fill in the blank) is temporary”.  No! really? Realty check, everything and everyone is temporary. Another one is, “if you have faith . . .”. Give me a break. If they didn’t have faith would the be calling a psychic? This one is also fail safe for the psychic because they can easily say this or that didn’t happen because your faith wasn’t strong enough.

One’s psychic ability is only proportionate to their faith. If a psychic looses faith in any  regard within themselves they need to take a time out to restore their faith before handling other people’s affairs.

Other psychic trip ups is that they recommend you come back always, regardless of the issue, on a regular basis. Our job as psychics is to get you on the right track in love and light, take the training wheals off the bicycle, and wish you well – not dependency! Psychics are here to empower you not make you dependent upon them. A good psychic will tell even their best clients to go out and live life and experience it not just have it all revealed in a reading.

Imagine how boring your life would be and could be if you knew everything in advance. Imagine if you were 23 and went in for a reading only to find out that you would not marry until you were 43. If you walked into that reading with an engagement ring on your finger you might not believe the psychic but if the engagement was broken you might be a whole lot less excited about the dating process. So be careful what you ask. It is their job to give you answers, yes, but it is also their job to guide you and not repeatedly to the nearest ATM. The best and true psychics are associated with at least one charitable organization to which they donate their services.

A good psychic doesn’t need to see you in person. They can answer any question in under a minute. Psychic’s don’t ask questions, they answer them. The best psychics need no information at all; they just start talking and really don’t even look at you to see your reaction. If you want more detailed information or your situation is very complex after they tell you what they see you can ask for more information. Be wary of those psychics who ask you general questions just to waste your time and money like  they are sensing a lot of stress, gossip, heartache, or any other basic no brainier reason people call. This just gets you to search your mind to give meaning to whatever they throw out there.

Another good tip, stay away from those little houses and shops with the hand in the window. If you are looking for a “sign” consider this hand sign meaning as to not go in there, just stop, turn around, and walk away. Most of these are family owned as a network of that family throughout the country. Generally, people rotate from state to state leaving one location for another whenever a problem arises such as often does since there is little if any regulation by the government or standards set by them working for a larger company.

Ask for credentials, certifications, and if applicable their license. A good psychic will be delighted to share information that validates their ability as well as their dedication to continued improvement. Even if they are a 5th generation psychic true psychics realize the importance of integrity. Plus, for a psychic, it is fun to take tests that prove their ability. It’s the one time psychics get to play using their ability and get accurate instant feedback. Also, it is a good idea to stick with a psychic that speaks your language and communicates very well in your language at a level of higher intelligence. If they have to act mystical there is no mysticism going on; the proof is in the pudding as a matter of fact. Don’t buy the hype.