Considering to Re stumping your House? Check out these FAQS

We asked some questions to Melbourne Restumping about what to expect when re stumping your home.

Does your house have crook legs?
We can fix that with restumping your home.

Have you got leans in your floors?
Maybe you just need your house releveled

Bearers not straight?
Dont worry, we can replace them as we go along but be sure to let us know when we inspect your home.

Don’t like the view and want to move your Home?
we can relocate your home! or if you have purchased a home and want it moved to a specific location we can do this!

How Long does it take to Restump and re-level my home?

Each Home takes a different amount of time this home took us 8 working days to complete. Click for picture gallery.
How am I Charged?

We will come and have a look at the job and give you a quote, each job vary’s in price according to your specific requirements.
What choices do i get?

We will carry out each job to its requirement. You may want wooden stumps, metal beams or have your home boxed in by us as well.
Got any more questions concerning your house restumping, releveling or moving your home? We are experts in our field and cater for all types of needs give us a call for your free quote. A good place to start is with us, we will give you the right advice for the job you require.

We can also relocate homes and offer service to buy and install your home to your vacant land.