Should I accept the first offer of compensation?

  The other’s party insurance company will contact you after medical negligence or injury. The claims adjuster assigned to your case may propose a settlement or offer you compensation. You can’t work, have medical costs, and you need money, but should you accept the first offer of medical compensation?  In general, experts recommend not to […]

How can I prove my pain and suffering?

In legal terms, pain and suffering refer to physical injury and mental stress that results from medical negligence or personal injury. Some damages that may come under this category are aches, temporary/permanent activity limitations, scarring, depression, and potential shortening of life.  Hiring a lawyer for medical negligence is the best way to prove your pain […]

How do you Prove Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is commonly known as healthcare malpractice. It occurs when a doctor, physician, nurse, or any other medical professional causes harm or injury to a patient. The most common example of medical negligence is that a doctor fails to provide medical treatment or perform surgery without reasonable skills.   Likewise, performing health procedures without […]

Do you pay tax on medical negligence compensation?

Medical negligence is a claim for compensation that arise out of damages or injuries caused by a medical practitioner. Medical negligence law in Australia is both a complex and sophisticated area. Proving negligence is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.  Therefore, you must manage your case accurately by hiring a professional, experienced, and […]

The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney

The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney When your looking for some answers about your life you may need a Psychic, clairvoyant or Medium to guide you. We have created a list of the top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Sydney for you to go through. Psychic Spirit Wisdom This is […]

The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Melbourne.

The Top 15 Psychics, clairvoyants & Mediums in Melbourne. Looking for a psychic reading from a trusted clairvoyant? We have created a list of the best 15 Mediums in Melbourne. Kasamba Freedom of Choice: With fortune tellers, love and relationship psychics, astrologers, psychics, Tarot card readers and more… Kasamba offers a wide range of […]

Whats on in Melbourne this weekend? Reoccurring Weekend Events in Melbourne

Looking for something do this weekend in Melbourne? Melbourne is a vibrant city with an exciting nightlife. Whether it’s clubbing until dawn at dance venues, catching a cabaret show, or a visit to the Crown Entertainment Complex, home to Australia’s largest casino, cinemas, discos, and designer stores, there is something for everyone. Melbourne has a […]

Practical information if you are Visiting Melbourne Australia

Ambulance Call 000 for an ambulance. Banks Banks and ATM machines are everywhere. Banking hours are 9.30 – 4.00 on Monday to Thursday and until 5pm on Friday. Melbourne’s banking sector is dominated by the big four Australian banks: ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, and Westpac. The international banks that make up the rest […]

Upcoming events in Melbourne 2021

Upcoming events in Melbourne 2021 Below are the events Melbourne held Annually, **Note Covid 19 may affect dates listed below**** January Midsumma Festival February L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival March Volkswagen Melbourne Queer Festival International Flower Show Each year in Melbourne around March and April, the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens is the venue for […]