Astrological Matches: Is it Written in the Stars?

One of the common uses for an astrology reading is to determine if a particular person shares horoscope compatibility with oneself. From its earliest known uses, the astrology reading was to learn about oneself by comparing the time of the instant of birth with the formation of the stars at that moment.  Furthermore, each astrology reading carried certain characteristics which either contrasted with or combined with the horoscope of a potential life partner.  Checking this horoscope compatibility is often a signal that things are serious between the two individuals.

The astrology reading for oneself may not be for the purpose of looking for horoscope compatibility with another individual.  It may simply be an effort to learn more about how they can be expected to react or respond given certain situations.  By knowing and understanding the personality traits of a Leo, for example, you may be able to enjoy a richer and fuller relationship with someone who has that sun sign. Horoscope compatibility is less about getting an exact match with another person than about knowing how they tend to think, feel and react to certain general situations or experiences in their life.

Finding someone who has horoscope compatibility with oneself is not impossible, but one rarely questions people about details needed to accomplish an astrology reading just for the sake of narrowing down a field of potential partners. An astrology reading, even if the partner in question is found to have horoscope compatibility is not a guarantee of success in a relationship. Usually there is an attraction between two people and if the relationship is developing, one or both individuals will decide to obtain an astrology reading to determine if there is horoscope compatibility.

An astrology reading much like a psychic reading does not predict the future precisely.  The detailed charts will not tell you to go to Phoenix, Arizona on June 27 and there you will meet the person who will be your life partner.  The astrology reading may tell you that June 27 is a good day to travel.  It may tell you that there will be a new romantic interest in your life soon.  Even perfect horoscope compatibility doesnt mean that the compatible person is going to be your soul mate.

So, use the astrology reading as simply the tool it is intended to be.  Learning about another persons likes and dislikes–about their personality traits and what makes them tick will let you know if there is horoscope compatibility between the two of you, but that is only a start.  You may learn that you are perfectly compatible with this or you pay better off to find a local medium in perth.