10 Tips to Get into AFL and Aussie Rules Football

For those unfamiliar with the Aussie Rules, here are some of our top 10 tips for getting started and mastering the game. This sport is growing quickly in popularity and there is no better time to get in on the action. In fact, if you practice enough you may end up playing AFL at one of Australia’s big venues run by VenuesWest.

Get a taste through ‘Touch Aussie Rules’

One way to get a feel for the game is to play the non-contact version of the sport called ‘Touch Aussie Rules’. Anyone and everyone can play Touch Aussie Rules and many of the same skills applied in the original game apply here as well, like handballing, marking, kicking and bouncing. Teams can be a mix of genders, age groups and capacity ranges, so there is plenty of fun for everyone.

Practice alone or in pairs

Full teams are not mandatory to start a game and two people can go head-to-head to sharpen skills. One way to do this will be to kick the ball high in the air and then handball it to a target. Pairs can practice kicking to each other.

Practice bouncing the ball with both hands

Bouncing the ball is a primary skill and you should strive for dominance. If you can bounce the ball with equal dexterity with both hands you will also have better control over the ball during the game. If you can also kick with either feet this will bring you considerable advantage in your game.

Wet weather bounce

If the weather conditions have left the ground wet and muddy, it will not bounce as intended and skid away when attempting to bounce. In such a situation, the ball will simply be touched on the ground with both hands.

Choose a Good Distance to Bounce the Ball

Distance is important when you bounce the ball. It must travel far enough forward that you can catch it while moving forward. If you are running faster you will have to throw it further as well, so the distance the ball is thrown is related to the speed of the player.

Work on your fitness

Those with superior physical fitness will always have an advantage in this game. A single game may require a runner to sprint over 15km in a single match and much of this will be in short high-intensity sprints. It will also help if they have the capacity and skill to mark handball. Kick, bump and tackle effectively.

Don’t backchat the umpire

Restraint is important and if a player is awarded the kick of mark, avoid disputing the affair any further. You will find that back chatting the umpire will result in a 50m/yd penalty and the player with the free mark will advance 50m/yd closer to their goal.

Wear a mouthguard

Not even all professionals use this important piece of safety equipment, but if you would like to protect your teeth and mouth from sudden impact consider using a mouthguard. It is always best to use one that has been custom made for your specifications.

Get your diet right

This sport will tax mind and body and getting a proper diet is essential for reaching full potential. Make sure you are consuming 55 – 60% carbs, 10-15% proteins and 25- 30% fats. Along with plenty of raw veggies and fruits.

Learn from the best

There is no better way to pick up on the subtleties of the sport tan by watching how the best do it. You can watch how the stars at the AFL employ their plays and tactics for success. Pay special attention to those that play in the position you do.