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Nicole can’t say no when it comes to help



Nicole Bailey helps out across a range of sports, including footy. Nicole Bailey helps out across a range of sports, including footy.

NICOLE Bailey (28) is a working mum who also helps out at more than five different sporting clubs in Mandurah.

Bailey began volunteering to help her children’s sport teams, but she now loves being part of the sporting community.

She is the South Mandurah Football Club junior club Auskick co-ordinator, the Halls Head under-11s team manager, the Peel Predators Basketball grade three coach and is the Halls Head Cricket Club under- 11s team manager.

“It’s good for your kids to be involved as well,” she said. “Plus a lot of hands make light work.”

Bailey also works at Alcoa four days a week and helps at the P & C at Falcon Primary School.

She said she has an inability to say no.

“It was my New Year’s resolution to do nothing,” she said.

“But my son loves me being involved. Plus it’s great for meeting new people and making new friends.

“I would recommend people get involved, I spoke to woman who is new to the community and it’s a great chance to meet other mums.”

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