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Reflections on our art history



Sculptor Geoff Overheu is taking part in the artist talks at Midland Polytechnic West. Sculptor Geoff Overheu is taking part in the artist talks at Midland Polytechnic West. Buy this photo

AFTER helping develop the careers of many a budding artist since 1913, the Midland Polytechnic West art department will close its doors next month.

From November 27, Artsource presents ‘Midland 6x6 Artist Talks’ to celebrate the art department’s history and contribution to the cultural landscape of WA over the past century.

Six former lecturers and students will present their experiences for six minutes, each reflecting on the ways the Midland art department had influenced their careers.

Sculptor Geoff Overheu’s work was inspired by his experience as a farmer in the Wheatbelt. Overheu, who lectured at Midland in 2006, romanticises the rural landscape and explores the difference between perception and reality in culture.

Bethamy Linton, a fourth-generation Western Australian silversmith based in the Swan Valley, said her interest in jewellery and metal object design began as a child during hours spent in the Linton family workshops with her grandfather, father and uncle.

Glass artist Denise Pepper specialises in pate de verre glass casting and art for public sculpture exhibitions. Her interest lies in forming sculptures that redefine common objects.

Printmaker Sue Starcken creates intricate patterns and etchings, in which fragments of visual elements are layered to create a larger form. She has a Masters Degree in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at UWA and has been a student and a lecturer at Polytechnic West.

Dean Moyes juggles a career in the civil construction industry with his art practice. He works across painting and sculpture and produced two public artworks in 2009 for the City of Swan. He studied an Advanced Diploma in Applied Environmental Arts at Polytechnic West.

The exhibition runs from November 20 to December 4.

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