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Protesters: mosque not welcome


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RESIDENTS packed the Caversham Hall last week to protest against a development application for an Islamic mosque in the area.

The Swan Valley Progress Association called the meeting on January 20 to hear the views of the developers and City of Swan planners.

Association chairman Rod Henderson said 250 people attended the meeting, and that most of them did not want the mosque developed.

“In section eight of the Swan Valley Planning Act, it is very clear and specific about what can be built,” Mr Henderson said.

“This is not welcome in this area.”

In the application to the City of Swan, the mosque is set to be developed on the corner of Benara Road and Smallbrook Retreat in Caversham.

Mr Henderson said the 1356sqm proposed development is clearly not in keeping with the area.

The proposal includes a 22m minaret, and what Mr Henderson says are inadequate parking spaces.

“We had almost 250 people at the meeting, and there were cars lining the streets,” Mr Henderson said.

According to the application, there are 77 car bays for the mosque, and Mr Henderson said the developers believed cars travelling to prayers would carry more than four people. Up to 350 people are expected for the main prayer each Friday.

Public submissions of comment close on February 2. Mr Henderson said the SVPA would oppose the development, submitting a lengthy petition with their objection.

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Sam Warton


I have nothing against people following their chosen method of worship - people should have the right to do that, but it should not be done in such a way as to cause stress or disturbance to others who do not share the same beliefs or culture. What many seem NOT to be saying here is that many of the residents in that area will be distressed by the sound of wailing from the mosque tower, as members are 'called to prayer'. To Muslims, this is SINGING, but to non-muslim people, it is WAILING, because it sounds mournful and negative and off-key and it is very distressing to our souls to hear it. The muslim people should have their place of worship, but should not inflict the 'wailing' over the airwaves such that it is forced upon all. Members should know the worship times and let it be on them to turn up for prayer - WITHIN the mosque - not over the public airwaves. We all have freedom in this country - so please let us respect each other and not force our ways upon the other.



I would just like to have a say as a nearby resident. I don't think that the mosque should be built for many reasons. They say that it is only for approx 77 cars_ approx 350 people at prayer times yet they say that 80% of the swan valley are muslims. Then this equates to a lot more that 350 people. I would like to know where they got their numbers from. Also if it is built what about others wanting to pray there. Are they going to say no we are only allowed 77 cars. I think not. So where are the extra people going to park?? I was at the meeting at the hall and the bosnians were quite threatening in their comments and they are not there yet.
The majority voted against it and so did the shire. Why does it have to go any further. The land is rural and should stay that way. What a revolting sight a "Big White Mosque "would look. It has nothing to do with religion.



Hey Bonnie, Australians dont exist, we all came from somewhere else, they have just as much right to be here as we do



Great news. No mosque. The generosity Muslims R receiving in Australia is not being recipricated in the Islamic world.

you hypocrites


Funny that the Caversham Hall doesn't have adequate parking according to Mr Henderson... hypocrites much?



Recent isues around parking regarding the Muslim community meeting in the Canning area highlights the issues that will be evident in the Swan Valley when it is prayer time at any Mosque that may be errected. There is enough traffic in the area already and a Mosque does not fit in with the purpose and functionality of the valley



I find it funny that some people, especially those that will be using the Mosque, cite racism, lack of acceptance etc etc as fodder for media attention when commenting on those that seek to stop this montrosity being built! Funny, because the 2 'factions' of Bosnians who share their current centre in Beechboro can't even get along with EACH OTHER and THIS is the reason they want their OWN mosque (yes I have accurate inside info!) How about sorting your differences with your own people before targeting 'lack of acceptance' barbs at other people!
I live in the area AND was at the meeting at which I was totally disgusted by the behaviour of some very arrogant 'pro' mosque members.
Yes, Benara Rd and West Swan Road are already drowning in cars at peak times and on weekends. We do not need MORE traffic, traffic hazards AND an unsightly building among quiet semi rural homes.
The Bosnian Society bought this land(NOT zoned for this!) cheap a few years back with FULL intention of doing that!



I don't live in this area, and my views would be different if I did. I'm just trying to do a religion assignment. However, I do have one thing to say to Stanley - learn how to spell! What is Multicurtralism? No! It's multiculturalism, silly! And also Bonnie - you're not being very accepting. "They can go back to where they come from"? Maybe they're here because theu got kicked out of where they come from! Maybe they're trying to seek peace here! They probably came to Australia because they thought most people weren't like you.



Some people need to be reminded that "Multicurtralism" was invented as a way of pushing Aboriginal people out of sight out of mind. It's time to reopen that socalled OLD campsite and redevelope it into new housing for the Aboriginal people before anything is done about pushing them further out of mind by building a mosque on their land.



Keep the Swan Valley Rural/Semi Rural & for peaceful living. It's the Aboriginal peoples' land all said and done. Why don't they have a say if they want this Mosque built in the SV? I've lived in the Swan Valley for 20 years & the traffic flow down West Swan Road alone is terrible now. We have an influx of Ellenbrook residents using it & many more to come in the future.So imagine how many traffic problems on West Swan Road alone (one lane) there would be if the Mosque was built. The Muslims pray 5 times a day,many would be going there to pray for the 5 times.There are other Mosques in Beechboro, Nollamara and Maylands all within close proximity. Why in HISTORIC SWAN VALLEY? I'm not against any nationalities or religions. If people are friendly towards MULTI CULTRAL AUSTRALIA & respect our religions and cultures & stop being offended by it, then things would be smoother all round. I'm NOT AGAINST MUSLIMS. I'm AGAINST this MOSQUE being built in our "



To"Ynel" ................Please do no alienate them? What do you think this means ..alienate them? It is alienating everyone else. Same alienation applies with other radical religious denominations (cults) . Get out into the real world. Mind you, I do admire Buddhists.



Excellent Bonnie fully agree with everything you said



The mosque should not go ahead. This is crown land and some of our own aboriginals are being kicked out. Nobody should touch this land. Why cant they pray at home. This is Australia and its stays Australia. If nobody likes our ways, then they can go back to where they come from. I bet if you went to their country, it would be a totally different story. You would be made to dress the way they say. Now i will talk to anyone who is friendly no matter race, colour, but this mosque would be in the wrong place for several reasons if it was to go ahead. That land belongs to our people and its crown land. Theres no room for one anyway. Cant they have it somewhere else where there is no housing. I feel very sorry for the people who live there at the moment, and im on their side.



I think the protests may go beyond opposition to the mosque. Maybe it is racial, anti Bosnian. Has anyone else thought along these lines. I am a Buddhist and firmy believe the mosque should go ahead. If if complies with the laws of the land and bylaws there should be no trouble. Would there be this opposition if a Mormon temple was being built, or a Salvation Army citadel, or even a catholic church. We must show acceptance to the Bosnian muslims, welcome them into our midst, make them part of the community. Please do no alienate them

Kevan Hook


I believe that a church of whatever denomination ought to be allowed provided it, and the people it serves, complies with the laws of the land and other bylaws; and that these people also uphold the spirit of the law.

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