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‘Perth’ sign irks Fremantle City


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A GIANT ‘Perth’ sign will sit atop the groyne south of Bathers Beach soon, much to the annoyance of the City of Fremantle.

Tourism WA informed the City of the decision to install the sign on the groyne last month in time for the ISAF Sailing World Championships.

However, Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said more people in the sailing community identified with Fremantle.

“Perth and Fremantle have very different identities and in the sailing world more people know where Fremantle is than Perth due to the America’s Cup,” he said.

The City was planning to do anything in its power to promote Fremantle to the thousands of visitors who will arrive in the coming weeks for the event, including city-specific signage around the Perth sign, the Worlds Village and the train station.

“We obviously weren’t pleased and argued that any Perth signage needed to be co-branded with Fremantle but we lost that one,” he said.

“The sign will be on State Government-controlled land so we can’t stop it but what we will be doing is a lot of Fremantle signage so that our international visitors know where they really are.

“We think (acknowledging both Fremantle and Perth) is important but just having a Fremantle sign is not appropriate because the visitors will all be experiencing the hospitality and unique place that is Fremantle.”

ISAF Sailing World Championship director John Longley said the signage was appropriate for the event as visitors would be arriving in Perth, not Fremantle.

“The main reason it is there is for the international TV audience,” he said.

“People must not forget that the event is funded by all taxpayers in WA and the benefits need to accrue to the common good, not just a small part.”

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If you watch the ads they are saying a Perth event being held in Fremantle. I agree Freo has gone to the dogs, take a look around the cruise terminal it is a disgrace to our interstate and international visitors

Have a cup of cement.....


C'mon Fremantle, let it go already....first it was the skyshow, now this. You're on the metro train line, you've got a metro postcode - you're a suburb of Perth, learn to deal.

Community Minded


Perth...it is Perth.
Yes the port of Fremantle but it is a suburb of Perth.



Oh well then!



I saw the framework being assembled for the PERTH sign last week & know there would be moaning from the antiquated freo-ites. Freo has become a bit of a cess pit and the attitudes of those managing and pushing their minority agendas are to blame. The parking situation, the homeless nutters, the drunk folk around the town hall and the lack of any development has killed fremantle. Freo's no longer a city but has become just another suburb, perhaps it could be renamed "Balga By The Sea".



Ah Freo, if you would have cleaned yourself up many years ago and not allowed yourself to become a sewer just the way Northbridge has become, then you would probably not have been lugged with the Perth tag. But seeing as you lost your identity many years ago and is now just another suburb, get over it.



Yes Lynne.... Northbridge ..



Fremantle is Fremantle not Perth , this is a silly place to dump the Perth sign , can't they find somewhere in Perth to put it.

Hugh Hyland


When I was brought up, before postcodes, we recognised suburbs of cities, hence letters would be addressed to "............Fremantle/Perth/WA".



Sorry Freo, I don't have a spare handkerchief.

Peter Van Der Meer


Get over it Freo - you are just another suburb of PERTH!

Come on, Freo


Oh, come on, Freo! You're flogging this one a bit - starting to look like an angry mother-in-law! You would have had taxpayer assistance and will have whole-of-Perth involvement in making the event a success. Let's just enjoy the event for what it is - a sailing event, set in Fremantle (not owned by it).

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