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Dogged by complaints


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DOG-related complaints are sending Rockingham rangers barking mad, with more than three quarters of their yearly workload spent tackling canine issues.

Wandering or lost dogs, barking, impounded or aggressive dogs and attacks top the list of jobs covered.

City officers have attended to more than 13,500 pooch-related incidents over the past two years.

Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said this was an increase of 2500 more call-outs in the past 12 months.

“This is partly due to upgrades in how ranger duties are logged and tracked,” Mr Sammels said.

“There were 18,020 jobs logged for rangers over the last two years and approximately three-quarters of these are dog-related issues.”

With more than 11,000 dogs registered in the City, staffordshire bull terriers and related crossbreeds are the City’s neighbourhood terrorisers.

In a recent savage attack, a maltese shih tzu dog lost an eye after it was mauled by a terrier on Smythe Street.

The City intends to prosecute the dog’s owner over the incident, their third attempt to hold negligible keepers responsible for attacks since mid-2009.

Last year, a dog was destroyed as a result of successful legal proceedings.

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I have been dogged by neighbourhood barking dogs for 2 years now and the formal complaints process to local council have only made a small impact.

I wish local council rangers had the power to 'pick up and hold' barking dogs until owners show they have purchased barking collars. That should be the first offence; then if the owners do not put the barking collars on they should be penalised by a fine and with a third offence the dog should be removed from the premises. The fourth approach could be to have the dogs put down (something I would rather not have) but a barking dog and lack of owner responsibility ruins the neighbourd amenity.

Charlotte Smithson


I have to agree with Sasha, most of this does infact come down to education however, it is not just the owners responsibilities, it starts with breeders and then Veterinary Surgeons. All breeders should be listed and start their puppies socialisation programs prior to the new owner collecting it. Vets need to update their training methodolgies as there are still many out there with old school training techniques and unqualified staff running poorly organised puppy pre-schools. Who will police these? Ranger services should be putting on some kind of education for the public and other professionals and the government needs to start taking some responsibility in banning puppy farms.



Reading the list of issues rangers have had to deal with well I thought that most of the things listed were a part of their job if they are not going to deal with these things who does??

People need to be more educated and it all comes back to how the pooch is treated if treated badly it will be bad natured, when are people ever going to learn about issues involving from barking dogs which are usually bored and left in a backyard 24.7, roaming dogs probabley again because of boredem/lack of responsibility from the owner and viscious dogs there again the OWNER.
Come on people take some responsibilty for your pooch otherwise don't own one!!

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