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Concert venue rejection a win for WAFL


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Bassendean Oval...council says holding the Soundwave and Origin concerts there would damage the surface. Bassendean Oval...council says holding the Soundwave and Origin concerts there would damage the surface.

BASSENDEAN Council’s decision to reject Bassendean Oval as a venue for the Soundwave and Origin concerts has been praised by WAFL officials.

Council last week resolved to write to the promoters of the two multi-stage concerts to advise that any application would be unsuccessful.

Town of Bassendean officers said the Soundwave concert, which last year attracted 22,000 people, severely hampered the council’s ability to prepare the oval for the WAFL season.

Swan Districts business development manager Angela Doyle recently wrote to the Town to express the club’s opposition to the events.

“The event itself causes a significant impact to the condition of the ground, making it very difficult to reach the safe standards required,” she said.

“Player safety is a high priority for our club and as such we cannot support an event which jeopardises playing standards and compromises player safety.”

At the recent semi-final between Swan Districts and East Perth, many Royals fans commented on the degraded playing surface. East Perth football manager Mark Winnett said that the oval’s condition was not great for a WAFL fixture.

“A lot of the feedback... was that the centre square was pretty chopped up and slippery underfoot,” he said. “It’s in the best interests of football to have the ground as good as possible and it was a bit like a skating rink at times.”

Swan Districts chief executive Brendan Parker said the concert had caused severe damage.

“There are two sides to it but the Soundwave concert certainly sidetracks our pre-season and early season,” he said.

“We have to vacate the oval for about six weeks at the start of the season and it definitely affects the playing surface.”

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Oh, and John, you are mistaken. I'm looking at my ticket right now, and its making me worry about the new venue.



Sorry, WAFL. This is bull. What about Muse in December? Maybe not the same scale of damage, but Soundwave is a massive event, far surpassing the Big Day Out (arguably) and it deserves a proper venue. And not the damn Showgrounds!

Nicko McBrain


I'll be coming to Blue Steel oval to drum the socks off the Kenny G listening locals!



In reply to Magnus, they haven't actually released the tickets, they just let you preorder them, and they send them out in December.

In regarding this article, I believe that they'll find some way to work around it. Money gets you far in this world.



False advertising, not going to happen. They haven't even made an application to use the oval. I'd say the Town would've written to them by now to request the removal of all references to Steel Blue



But they've already released tickets for next years Soundwave festival to be at Steel Blue Oval????

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