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Cane toad hops into Bayswater



ANOTHER cane toad has been found in Bayswater.

The toad was discovered on Saturday night on Drake Street, near the Bayswater Hotel car park, by a keen-eyed Bayswater resident.

The man used a shovel to put the toad in a bucket before contacting a City of Bayswater ranger, who then took the toad to a veterinarian for identification.

Department of Environment and Conservation wildlife officer Rick Dawson said they had a few leads on where the cane toad may have come from and asked members of the public with information to call the cane toad hotline.

“We believe the cane toad may have hitchhiked on a vehicle that was parked near the hotel,” he said.

“We have set traps in the vicinity of the hotel car park and Halliday Park and we will monitor the area for a few days to establish if there are any more cane toads.

“We’re also doing a letter drop in the immediate vicinity asking residents to look out for cane toads and to report anything they think could be a cane toad.”

In November last year a cane toad was captured in the front garden of a house on The Strand.

All cane toad sightings should be reported to the cane toad hotline on 1800 084 881 (free call).

People are asked not to kill any suspected toads but to have them identified in case they are local protected frogs.

The quickest way of doing this is to send a digital image of the animal by calling 0400 693 807.

For more information about cane toads, visit www.dec.wa.gov.au/canetoads.

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