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Bus trial cut short


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PUBLIC transport users could shave more than 45 minutes off their travel time if a bus connection between Armadale Station and Cockburn Central goes ahead.

Transport Minister Simon O’Brien visited Armadale last Wednesday and told Comment News a trial connection would be needed before a permanent bus link between the Armadale train station and Cockburn along Armadale Road could be approved.

Canning MHR Don Randall called for the bus link in a letter to the Minister two weeks ago.

During his visit, Mr O’Brien said the transport link was already part of the Public Transport Authority’s planning for future routes.

“It is actually being considered by the PTA,” Mr O’Brien said.

“But until we test the market we can’t rule it in or out.”

He felt a trial of six to 12 months, supported by good advertising, would be necessary to see if a permanent bus link would be sustainable.

Mr Randall said the public transport link was becoming a necessity.

“A bus service between Armadale station and Cockburn Central would provide local residents with a quicker and more direct route to Mandurah, Perth and the northern suburbs,” he said.

“It only takes around 15 minutes to get from Armadale to Cockburn Central along Armadale Road, yet passengers are being forced to spend more than an hour on a round trip via Perth.

“Perth’s southern suburbs form a major growth corridor so it’s almost nonsensical that public transport users, many of them elderly pensioners, are required to backtrack 40km to Perth to access the Mandurah line just to travel back almost past their own homes again.”

Mr Randall said a regular and direct link would cater for locals wanting to day-trip to Mandurah, commuters working south of the river, and those living in Forrestdale and Huntingdale areas who need a more efficient route.

“With the population of Harrisdale and Piara Waters rapidly growing, soon to be followed by Wungong, there is increasing pressure on public transport and a strong need to improve services,” he said.

Mr Randall said he was confident a feasibility study would show sufficient demand for the service.

The City of Armadale had recently had bus routes extended from Murdoch Station to the outskirts of Harrisdale and Piara Waters, he said.

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I think there needs to be more services from Murdoch to Armadale everyday. At the moment they alternate with short trips to Piara waters but the frequency is over a hour and if i want to go to Armadale station i need to bus to Thornlie, Cannigton or Madington and go via train. It would also be great if there was a direct connection from Armadale or through to Freo direct.



Yes, a trial will prove that there is sufficient demand. My husband works at Murdoch uni and my father goes to work to Cockburn central station - we live in Seville Grove. It would be wonderful for them both to catch the bus to work and back - saving money, time and reducing congestion on freeway and lowering GHG emissions etc. Can't wait for the trial.



Whether it's for my studies at Murdoch uni, or visiting friends & family in Mandurah, the Armadale/Cockburn connection will be indispensable. I give it 5 stars.

Larry Dyson


Excellant idea, it has taken me up to 1 and half hours to get back to Armadale vie the route.
Equates to 3 hours round trip for the day.
How many stops? if the bus was to go vie Armadale rd to Cockburn.



We moved to Armadale last year and I drive to Freo every day to work at Notre Dame Uni. It would be lovely to have the option of a direct bus from Armadale to Freo (albeit through Cockburn Central) on those days when driving isn't viable.



It's about time. It will also make travelling to Beaconsfield TAFE much easier. Just tell us when?



ABOUT TIME!!!! I live in Harrisdale, my husband catches the train from cockburn and my son goes to a school in Armadale. At the moment if my son caught the bus to school it would take him 1.5 hrs by catching 3 different buses and walking over 2.5km's (Harrisdale - South St Station - Cannington - Armadale).



As a regular from Armadale to Mandurah this route can not come soon enough



I think its a GREAT idea.
It should go ahead as soon as possible!
It would cut so much time of a usual weekend visit to Mandurah.
it would be greatly appreciated and useful.
A bus link to kwinana should be done aswell, as we are out in byford, and is much quicker, but i would definatly use the cockburn link.
Thanks :)

Annette Skirka


I think it would be a great to put public transport from ARMADALE to COCKBURN CENTRAL as many people like myself dont have a licence and would prefer the quicker there.

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