Firm offers fancy funerals for pets


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Michelle Schofield, a partner in the Perth Pet Cremations and Funeral Services. Picture: Martin Kennealey<B> </B>   Michelle Schofield, a partner in the Perth Pet Cremations and Funeral Services. Picture: Martin Kennealey Buy this photo

WHEN loved ones pass away, it is expected they will receive a dignified and heartfelt send-off – but what if that loved one is a family pet?

Instead of a backyard grave for Rex, or flushing Goldie the goldfish away, a new Cockburn business is offering a full funeral service for animals.

Opened just six weeks ago, Perth Pet Cremations in is the first pet funeral parlour in WA, offering chapel and spiritual services as well as cremations.

Pauline Wilson, proprietor of the Hamilton Hill business, said children loved the services and clients often came back to light a candle for their pets.

“I opened the business after thinking that there must be a better and nicer way to do this for people,” she said.

“All animals go over the rainbow bridge and Saint Francis, the patron saint of all animals, waits for them at the rainbow chapel. The client lights a candle, which becomes a beacon showing all the furry souls on their way.

“The kids love it and every time they see a rainbow they can think of their pet.”

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Excellent. We humans are blessed with the honor of looking after our animals and this is a fitting way to express that. Love live our pets !



Well I think this is just such a lovely idea I just wish I had thought of it myself.
I think especially for children it is a really nice way to deal with the loss of a pet well done Michelle and owners.
Our pets are like part of the family and deserve to be treated with as much respect as any human is!!

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