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Shave idea appals


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AM I the only one to think that the World's Greatest Shave is an appalling idea? Why can't people give to good causes without resorting to, in my view, disfiguring women?

I would rather pay Bianca Hewett (Comment News, February 26) not to shave her head.

A friend of mine did it and she was very upset afterwards.

I think it is rather sad that society has to be entertained in order to help the less fortunate.

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Disfiguring woman never, lots of women lose their hair due to treatment and they are still who they are with or without hair!!
Anyway alot more women need to believe especially younger ones it is what is on the inside that counts not the way we look on the outside.



They could always do Movember, grow instead of shave.

Oliver Liam


Jayne, with all due respect - I don't get it. What is wrong with people willingly shaving their head to raise money and awareness to an illness that affects so many in our community? Personally I am appalled that so many people are walking around without hair unwillingly because of cancer. I am appalled that more people don't donate to charities without some kind of incentive (which I do acknowledge was part of your point). I am appalled that charities such as this a so reliant on the community to raise funds because our health system is so overstretched by inefficiencies and the burden of many preventable diseases and alcohol and drug abuse. But I will never be appalled by a FUN campaign where brave people can voluntarily put their vanity aside to help people who are in a worse position. We should be applauding Bianca (as most people are judging by the amount of money she has raised) rather than trying to detract from her effort.

Bianca Hewett


Jayne, will I appreciate your sentiment, have you got $6800 to stop me from shaving?

I know I will be upset initially, but I will also be empowered - more so than my three work colleagues who lost their hair/eyebrows/lashes due to chemo.

To be honest, I am a very vain person and while I am raising money and entertaining my friends, I am also providing myself with an experience in humility. In no way, do I think I will be 'disfigured'. It is just hair. It will grow back.

I am a healthy, educated woman who is lucky enough to be able to do this for 'fun'. Am I pandering to the masses who wouldn't normally donate money? Yes, and I can live with that.

Whatever comes from me shaving my head, I think I will learn a lot about myself and society, let alone raising nearly $7000 for those less fortunate than myself. Worth it? I think so!


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