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Bait lines will attract sharks


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AS the organiser of the recent rally at Cottesloe Beach against the shark-cull initiatives of Premier Colin Barnett, I am devastated that the WA Government is refusing to listen to its constituents, the nation and the international community.

In a recent Fairfax survey, 91 per cent of respondents said they did not want bait-lines to be installed along the Western Australian coast.

I am an avid scuba-diver and diving instructor and this weekend I was planning to go scuba-diving. However, for the very first time I am worried about sharks.

I am concerned that the bait-lines will actually attract sharks to the shores, and I am not alone in this view.

I recently heard Rottnest Channel Swim organiser David Corney say that swimmers in this event are anxious and concerned that there will be an increased risk of a shark attack as a result of the installation of bait-lines.

Dive schools across Australia are being advised by divers that they too are now more worried about shark attacks. Businesses that have spoken out in favour of shark-culling are being boycotted.

The diving industry that I have grown so fond of is beginning to feel the effects of what is nothing other than a knee-jerk reaction to the fear of attacks.

Statistics and scientific research is ignored.

I now question whether the Barnett policy will affect international tourism.

Divers from overseas have stated that they are not only going to change their plans of visiting Perth, but also Australia. I cannot help but wonder whether Colin Barnett has really thought this policy through.

Please put more time and research into sustainable shark attack-mitigation strategies such as tagging and tracking, bubble curtains, underwater sounds and understanding the shark’s visual perceptions.

For now, I will continue to wear my neon pink wetsuit and I will save up to buy a shark shield, despite not having enough research on these initiatives, because for the very first time in my life I am afraid to dive.

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Wow Phillip Harris! Drumlines in QLD save one person a year. You must be so proud. What an amazing result, one whole person for the deaths of how many sharks?
Unbelievable that people think that all human life is so sacrosanct that any animal that is a threat to humans should be killed. The same type of mentality that has made humans make thousands of species of flora and fauna extinct.

The only thing dumber than a dumb politician is the person dumb enough to agree with him.

Richard the Great


What is disappointing is the great debate has shifted to setting up and knocking down strawmen. The debate was never about whether drumlines attract sharks or whether they are effective at massacring sharks (which they probably are). It is a lot more fundamental than that. The year is 2014 and we supposedly live in a 'post Green' enlightened age where we by now realize that we are the default custodians of the earth. The cro magnon kneejerk response to animals that pose a threat " exterminate them" and make the territory 'safe' for human recreation activity is simply no longer acceptable. This is the same kind of mentality that has decimated wildlife in Africa, made tigers an endangered species with a limited gene pool and driven countless species to extinction. A bounty on each dead thylacine in Tasmania was very very (note two verys there) effective and I am sure it saved many sheep even to this day! In retrospect, not such a good idea.

Phillip Harris


The reason tourists may not holiday in WA is because we are now officially the most dangerous place for shark attacks on the planet.

The reason divers ans surfers are scared is because of the frequency of huge aggressive sharks that are sighted....and because of the fatalities.

Drumlines to control dangerous sharks have been used in Queensland for 50 years and have save an estimated 50 human lives.

They are very very effective.

Phillip Harris


Sharks can only sense bait from a maximum distance of 100 meters so only Sharks within a distance of 1.1kM of the Beach will be attracted to the Bait.

In other words the only dangerous Sharks that will be attracted ...will be Sharks that are already a threat.

I am hardly surpised that Divers and other tourists are thinking of changing their plans to visit WA ....that is because statistically WA is the most dangerous place in the world for Shark attacks ...this is the place they are most likely to get eaten.

That is the reality of the situation. That is what scares people and that is why the drumlines are going in.

Drumlines (344 of them) have been installed in Queensland for 50 (yes 50) years. They have been very very effective.

The areas in QLD where baited drumlines have been installed have gone from having ONE fatality per year ...to one fatality in fifty years.

Drumlines work.They save human lives. That is a fact.

Please stick to facts.

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