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<I>Jemima,</I> by Erskine’s Tara Coupar, and<I> Regrowth and Rejuvenation 2009,</I> by North Yunderup’s Meg Henderson, are part of the annual Year 12 Perspectives<I> e</I>xhibition on show at the Art  Gallery of WA from February 20 to May 31<I>.</I> Jemima, by Erskine’s Tara Coupar, and Regrowth and Rejuvenation 2009, by North Yunderup’s Meg Henderson, are part of the annual Year 12 Perspectives exhibition on show at the Art Gallery of WA from February 20 to May 31.

THE evocative art of two Frederick Irwin Anglican School Year 12 students from 2009 will hang in the Art Gallery of WA for three months as part of the annual Year 12 Perspectives exhibition.

As with all the art on display at this popular exhibition, the artworks of Tara Coupar, of Erskine, and Meg Henderson, of North Yunderup, display talent way beyond their years.

Both girls completed the acrylic on canvas works as part of their TEE art studies and they will be among 71 pieces by the State’s Year 12 students on display from February 20 to May 31.

Tara’s artwork, titled Jemima, explores the bond between children and the simple things they treasure.

“The young girl holds the decayed doll close and delicately to prevent her from bursting another seam,” Tara said.

“Through the use of a tight composition and depicting the girl unaware of the viewer, I have highlighted her innocence and the love she has for her doll Jemima.”

Meg’s colourful work, Regrowth and Rejuvenation 2009, was inspired by the vitality and resilience of the bush.

“I want to reinforce the principle of survival through adversity, which is experienced by many Australians who are able to fight through the bad times in hope of the good times,” Meg said.

“After experiencing fires in our bush, I am amazed how nature is able to bounce back after such devastation.

“Through my magnified composition, I have expressed my feelings of awe for the environment.”

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