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Recognition for underrated rocker


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From left: <em>Todd Who?</em> director Gavin Bond (Glendalough) with a photograph of Todd Rundgren and himself taken in 1994 and producer Ian Abercromby (Leederville). Taken by Marcus Whisson From left: Todd Who? director Gavin Bond (Glendalough) with a photograph of Todd Rundgren and himself taken in 1994 and producer Ian Abercromby (Leederville). Taken by Marcus Whisson

CONSTANTLY being met with the response “Todd who?” when telling people about his musical idol Todd Rundgren inspired Gavin Bond to create a short “rockumentary” of the same name.

The Glendalough-based Bond and co-director Ian Abercromby, from Leederville, released their first documentary Buff in 2011 and teamed up again to investigate the American rocker, who Bond describes as “criminally underrated.”

“If I had a dollar for every time someone said ‘Todd who?’ to me I’d be a millionaire,” Bond said.

“I discovered him in the late 80s and I’ve followed him ever since because he’s a very eclectic artist, he’s produced a lot of albums, he’s a talented musician but he’s also a bit of a philosopher and a pioneer.”

Both full-time teachers, Bond and Abercromby worked on Todd Who? in bits and pieces whenever they could.

The film had been all but completed when they found out that Rundgren was touring in the eastern states and flew to Sydney to interview him.

“I told him what the theme of the movie was and he laughed because I think he’s not aspiring to stardom, he’s pretty comfortable the way he is.”

If he wasn’t restricted by budget or time, Bond said he’d love to make a feature-length documentary on his musical hero.

“There’s a thousand documentaries on The Rolling Stones and The Beatles and there’s lots of documentaries on little known artists who don’t deserve them and Todd’s somewhere in the middle,” he said.

“Maybe one day I’ll make a definitive documentary on Todd but for now it was more of a quirky look at why people should know about him.”

Todd Who?
Where: BamBOO Outdoor Cinema and Rooftop Movies
When: January 21 and February 5
Tickets: http://lunapalace.com.au (shown with Fridey at the Hydey) and www.rooftopmovies.com.au

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Susan St. James


Are you thinking of making a DVD that will be for sale for this movie? Living in the States, I don't think I'll be TRaveling to Australia anytime soon…..

Laurie Long


Hey Todd. You were going to come to Portland, Maine w/ the Cars but canceled. So disappointed. Any chance of that happening again in the future? Would love to see you up here. Cars music, bonus too.

Lisa Showers


I applaud you Gavin!!! I had to laugh when I read "Todd who?"...ha-ha!! That's my life story, and unfortunately he's mostly known in my circle as "the guy who wrote the Green Bay Packer touchdown song"...I always say that's probably the least favorite Todd song of mine (and probably Todd's as well) and he's SO much more than that goofy song...... PLEASE!!! Can't wait to see your documentary! ROCK ON!

Marci Kaplan


Todd is Godd! Please let me know if we can get a copy in the US, love Todd and anything pertaining to him!



Todd, is a musical genius & technical wizard.
NOT UNDER-RATED, Under-appreciated...is more true.
I would love to see your film, will it be available in US markets??
I have been a fan since 1968....every new release is like a wonderful gift!
Willing to pay, for a chance to view...
Thank you, Stephanie



I think a better description might be "under-appreciated" or "unrecognized". Todd certainly isn't underrated.



Loved Todd since the 70s. Just One Victory is my personal theme song. Please let me know what you put on iTunes or you tube so that I can watch. Thanks.

Gavin Bond



Do you live in Perth?

If so, head to BamBoo In Beaufort Street Mt Lawley this coming Tuesday as I need some moral support!

If not , give me your email and I will send you a copy!

Gavin Bond
Self appointed president of Australian Todd Rundgren Appreciation Society.

James Coffey


I would love to see this. I've been a Todd (who) fan since NAZZ back in the 60's. My friends and I coined the phrase Todd is God prior to the Utopia era. One of my best original bands I named "True Star" not because we were a Todd sounding band, but because we were as original, as Todd was.



"started following in late 80's"? Oh man you missed all the greatness in the 70's! Solo and Utopia!

tim tighe


I have been listening to TODD since the early 70s love his music I bought a wizard a true star in 75 and I still play the album now TODD is a musical genius but he kept saying hello it's me and he is gonna get me a woman .
,well I am still waiting

Michael E. Hogue, MD


Not sure where those theaters are, but I would LOVE to see the movie about Rundgren. He's been one of may favorites since the early days of the Philly sound. Please tell me where I can get a copy or download a copy to view. Happy to pay the price.


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