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Kiss wow crowds at Perth Arena


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THERE is no better introduction to Perth Arena than a KISS concert. You simply can't top it. Five years since their last visit and 30 years after their first, they remain one of the must-see live bands in the world.

The problem, not a significant one for the average KISS fan I might add, is that someone needs to open for them. It would be a thankless job because it doesn't matter who you are, you are going to be overshadowed. But did we really need to get Motley Crue?

They have always been a band that has divided opinion. One-half of a room will adore them; the other will invariably think their parents should never have bought them instruments when they were kids.

With apologies to Diva Demolition and this new, strange version of Thin Lizzy, after the show, this reviewer is firmly on the 'oh god, won't they stop already?' side of the fence.

Their early mix didn't help the situation. The band was halfway through Shout At The Devil before I could actually discern which song they were playing. The pyrotechnics, the girls, they all distracted from the songs rather than added to them, and when the songs, particularly the new ones, aren't that good to begin with...well, that says it all.

We all knew Tommy Lee would do his upside down drumkit trick and that was fun to watch, but the backing track, which seemed to be some high energy techno with backing vocals by Die Antwoord, detracted from the solo to a point where I couldn't tell Lee was playing.

The Crue, at a very specific point in time, were one of the biggest bands in the world, but their performance made clear that was a very, very long time ago. Vince Neil's voice still packs a punch but that's all it packs. No subtlety, aside from the backing track.

Realistically though, very few people were here to see the supporting acts. KISS is the main and only show worth worrying about.

KISS, putting it simply, remain one of the greatest live bands in the world, and it is based on a simple premise. Take the best stage show in the world and combine with rockin' music. Make sure everyone has a good time, and fly across the room at least once. Simple, really.

Gene Simmons might have the biggest profile but KISS has always been Paul Stanley's baby, and you could not speak highly enough of his skills as a frontman. He is just the best in the business. From the opening chords of Detroit Rock City to the closing refrain of Rock And Roll All Nite, the Starchild - now a star man at 61 - had the packed house eating out of the palm of his hand.

They played songs from their new album Monster, and nobody left the room. At a show that is as much about nostalgia as anything, that is incredible.

Really, trying to describe a KISS concert is like trying to describe an amazing dream you can't quite remember. There are just no words to adequately explain how awesome this band really is.

They simply need to be seen to be believed, and once you've seen them you'll simply be a believer.

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KISS/Motley Crue/Thin Lizzy/Diva Demolition
Where: Perth Arena
When: February 28
Reviewed by: Liam Ducey
Photographed by: Andrew Ritchie

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I actually went to see Motley Crue, not KISS. KISS were so boring, I left half an hour into their show.

Rod Shepheard


Were you actually at the concert? Kiss were old and washed out. Paul talked way too much. The stage show was average. Half the new songs were nowhere near as good as the nostalgic songs that everyone went to hear. People didn't get up and leave as they wanted to stay for the few older songs they went to see.
Motley Crue rocked the house and had the crowd more energised than Kiss did. my wife doesn't like either band particularly and she thinks that the Crue were twice as good.
I enjoyed both but went home feeling flat the Kiss did not live up to my expectations.

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